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Why cricket blogs matter

I am sure there are some who believe that Wisden putting a section devoted to blogging (although it was a small one this year when no bloggers faked their identity or death) is some sort of heresy.

“Women in the longroom, black people captaining the Windies and blogs in Wisden, it’s just not cricket.”

I think it’s necessary for cricket to have independent and unedited opinion, plus dick jokes.

Bloggers don’t often stumble across little unknown nuggets, but when they do, they’ll publish them.

The best example of this is happening right now.

This isn’t some fake IPL bullshit, this is the real deal.

The website is Wicbexpose.

It is essentially wikileaks just about the WICB.

On it you can find out that the Jamaican Cricket Association credit card was used for 700,000 on Burger King.

How Conde Riley declared he was resigning, but never actually resigned.

Ottis Gibson’s bullet points on why Chris Gayle is too stupid to captain.

And so many other little juicy tidbits that I am sure the WICB doesn’t want aired.

Before this I didn’t even know cricket administracrats are Burger King.

It’s brilliant blogging, and if I were to write a piece on blogs for next years Wisden, it would definitely get a mention even if it doesn’t post another post.

That’s what I love about blogs, that freedom to take the piss and say what you feel, if in this case you seem to be getting fed sensitive information daily, it makes it even more exciting.

The blogs I mentioned in Wisden this year were the old batsman, paddlesweep, bored cricket crazy indians, last of the summer whine, night watch girl, sacricketblog, the corridor, short of a length, the cricket watcher’s journal, cricket action art, ducking beamers, play for country not for self, thoughts from the dustbin, fantasy bob and if you can hack illegally through the times paywall there is cricket central.

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Wisden is here

Somehow cricket is slowly letting me into its back cavity. There I was, dressed all in black like I was heading to a mobster’s funeral, the only man without a bow tie, deep inside cricket’s most feted orifice, the Lord’s longroom.

Obviously the Lord’s secret service hadn’t properly checked me. I was just allowed to sit not far from Mike Brearley and Clive Lloyd in the Lord’s long room for the Wisden Almanack Dinner.

I was surrounded by paintings of cricketers who were mostly white, and mostly dead, and in the company of cricket people who were mostly the same.

To show how important the occasion was, I wore a suit, tie and put gel in my hair. The evening started with some kind of prayer, because God is the ultimate cricket administracrat.

Then I read the menu, it was Confetti duck, quail egg and other assorted foods that I wouldn’t ever eat unless I was forced too. Free wine though, no other free booze which seems unfair.

There was an ode to the Queen as well, as she invented cricket.

While I was still digesting the quail egg (which is really just a small posh regular egg, I mean really, just give me an egg, it’s cheaper and has more egg in it), Scyld Berry was announcing that it would have been nice if he was asked back to edit Wisden again, instead of being assholed. The room got a little tense at this.

Luckily that was all forgotten when there was a round table discussion about how Asia was ruining world cricket. Or something like that.

I say round table discussion, it was more people saying things into microphones, and then people yelling out from the crowd, and then a woman from the BBC shouting bullshit.

I think hearing a woman from the BBC say bullshit in the Lord’s Long Room was worth me putting gel in my hair.

Then at 3AM I saw Matthew Engel dancing.

It was quite an event.

All of this fun was in aide of the new Wisden Almanack.

In which I have another piece with swearing in it. It’s about blogs and twitter and things like that.

You can buy the book here, or you can just go into a store, turn to page 151, revel in my work, put it down and then read a Noam Chomsky book to show how utterly brilliant you are.