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Dan gets his man

When the Angry Mark Gillespie played against the Windies, it was clearly against the will of Daniel Vettori.

Sportsfreak were all over it at the time.

Not that it mattered, Gillespie did himself no favours by taking no wickets for a lot of runs on a bed of feathers.

Vettori wanted Chris Martin.

On figures Martin has never excited many, but it wouldn’t take more than a casual glance to see that Martin is a better test match bowler than Gillespie.

Chris Martin is sort of like the bargain basement Freddie Flintoff, he bowls a lot of tough testing spells, but rarely seems to get the wickets.

When he was dropped it was surprising, although not so hard to justify on figures alone.

Now he is back, and if the scuttelebutt and so forth is to be trusted, the selectors didn’t want him, but Daniel did.

It’s hard to know why the selectors wouldn’t have wanted Martin, he bowls long testing spells, few bad balls, and is a class performer.

Against a batting line up as potent as India, Martin could be the perfect man, and if the selectors don’t see that, their jobs should be questioned.

The more interesting thing could be what happens if Martin struggles.

Captain’s like to have a say in their bowling attacks, and that is fair, but what happens to them when they make a public play for one man, sacrificing another man’s career, and their guy fails?

They should be whipped.


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