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Sri Lanka Triumphs For Living Legends

The dead rubber between Australia and Sri Lanka at the MCG has inspired me to return to the ‘Cricket With Balls’ blogging crease once again.

Adam Gilchrist’s never ending national retirement tour hogged the headlines with his final appearance at the hallowed MCG. Gilchrist didn’t fail to let down his legion of fans with a typical commanding display, which should have been match winning. He may have put aside team goals in pursuit of an Australian record for the fastest century? You be the judge?

The wicket of Hopes with the score at 107 triggered a spectacular, quite unbelievable collapse resulting in the lose of 5 wickets for 8 runs as the Sri Lankans rallied for two living legends of their own in Sanath Jayasuriya and Murali. The Aussies never recovered despite the determined effort of the lastest Allan Border medallist, Brett Lee. Murali bowled an inspired second spell following an earlier pasting from Gilchrist.

Clearly the highlight of the game came in the 49th over when Jayasuriya was thrown the ball for his first over of the innings, with Australia needing 14. Jayasuriya delivered one of his trademark darts, a little shorter than usual, that crashed into Lee’s stumps to deliver Sri Lanka with a shock come from behind win and crown his final visit to these shores. A mighty cricketing moment indeed.

Earlier, in great scenes of sportsmanship and respect, both sides formed guards of honor for each of the above mentioned players when they came out to bat. Jayasuriya and Murali have been pivotal in shaping the success of Sri Lankan cricket from minnow status to forces in both forms of the game with the obvious career highlight being the 1996 World Cup victory. Both players have changed the game forever with their individual styles of play and have raised the bar of performance to another level.

As for Gilly and the forgetten Brad Hogg, they will have another chance to leave the game on a high with the One Day series finals beginning on Sunday. Hopefully, they can both contribute to Australia going one better than they did tonight, against the Indians

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The PM Vs. The King

The K-Rudd XI played a match against the Sri Lankans today at that place that isn’t quite Melbourne and isn’t quite Sydney, but has porn and fireworks.

Lets get the important bits out of the way first, the king kumar failed, got a very pretty nut from Hilfenhaus.

Now the game.

Cameron White was given the role of winning the toss and batting on a green top, and the cream of Australia’s one day crop folded like a foldable object.

The ended up at 152 all out.

A lot of ugly shots.

Noffke top scored with 30, so for him it was just like another game for Queensland.

Future PM David Hussey, SOS Marsh and the kiwi Ronchi all made dashing 20 odd’s, but the rest of their team mates couldn’t even provide that.

Malinga got 3 important wickets, those of the two Victorians and Animatrix Noffke.

The Lankans got to the score 6 wickets down, proving the pitch wasn’t a belter.

Dilshan and Sanath made the majority of the runs. If it wasn’t for Dilshan’s not out the Lankans may have lost, with everyone else going out without much of whimper.

Hilfenhaus and Noffke both impressed in their bowl off for Taits spot, and Cameron White did something we all assumed he had taken a solemn vow never to do again, he took wickets.

Perhaps Manuka oval is the only ground left in Australia that favours bowlers, no wonder it never gets minnow tests there.

Sime was heard to remark after the game, that under John Howard the PM’s XI were much stoic, dignified and conservitive.

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How to bat when you’re an old man.

Sanath gave us some good pointers on this recently.

You know you aren’t the man you used to be, but you still want to make a difference.

You know your aura is enough to bluff the bowlers, then all you do is back your ability and play aggressive shots so the opposition think back to all the other times you smashed them.

You probably won’t make a huge score, but you will score runs at a quick rate, the crowd will be happy, you will be happy and your positive outlook is a good thing for the younger cricketers to see.

This is what Sachin did yesterday.

We’ve all seen him bat better, but he was the only batsmen willing to play his shots and really take Australia on. And surprise surprise he was the one who made runs.

Dravid batted like a man who had just been gelded. It was ugly to watch, and the fact a batsmen like that could be given a Bronx cheer for finally getting off the mark is horrible.

If Dravid was my dog, I’d take him out to the country . I’d take a shovel as well.

Why you would make a former champion open the batting, when he is passed it, against the best bowling attack in the world?

It’s dumb.

He and Jaffer set the tone for India’s innings by not scoring runs. That is the currency you generally win matches with. Why a batsmen as smart as Dravid would want to sit at one end and let a young quick dominate him is beyond me.

If Dravid continues to play, I think he should take a leaf out of Sachin or Sanaths book and swing from his old mechanical hip.

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hoggard and kumar decide the next test

England actually put up a good fight, not good enough, but good.

But there were many factors in this game that propelled Sri Lanka above their station.

Sanath’s last stand, the man will only retire once, well surely only once in this series.

Murali’s record, he can’t beat Warne again, not unless is in the category of most women hit on in a three test series.

And Vaas is only going to play his 100th test once, i’d assume.

So it can only get better for England, can’t it?

Well all except for the King and the working class Hoggard.

Kumar looks even more unstoppable now than he did in Hobart.

England’s best chance of getting him out now seems to lie with Rudi Koertzen being flown in to umpire the next test.

And Hoggard not playing in the next test is like going to Maccas and buying a fresh and healthy option, its still McDonalds, but it just don’t feel right.

The first test ended up being a pretty damn good affair, if England can cover Hoggard and somehow get Kumar out, we might have a really interesting test series on our hands.

Remember those?

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england are slain by the king

A very intelligent cricket blogger once wrote

If he averages under 70, England will win, if not, good luck England.

Before that he wrote

Good luck to England in getting Kumar out at home, perhaps you should take Rudi along with you, just in case.

So far the King has made a 90 and just finished up with a nice little 1fiddy2 to put on the mantelpiece. And at stumps it looks like he may have won or drawn a game for the boys.

Not even a swarm of killer bees could stop him.

You have to feel sorry for the English, I don’t, but you have to.

Australia gets a Kumar free test, and then him scratching around in the first innings in Hobart.

England gets a man who just manhandled the best team in the world on their home turf, and then he goes home to celebrate Murali’s asterisk and Sanath’s farewell.

The aforementioned players were instrumental, but these days Kumar is the King and everyone else is just a jester.

Talking about Jesters, how come Harmison didn’t play?

Or maybe the better question should be, Harmison, what the fu©k? If I had his talent I’d talk a bigger game than Graeme Smith before a tour of Australia and I’d strut around like a world class peacock all day.

Big day for England tomorrow, if Sri Lanka start to struggle to get wickets I think the should bring the King on to bowl.

He can do everything else.

His recent form is worth a Portman from me.

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Sanath Jayasuriya

In a cricket environment that is potentially at an all time low, I want to dwell for a minute on a fading star who has contributed to Test cricket being the prestigious event that it has been for the past 130 years.

When play begins at Bellerive Oval tomorrow, we will be more than likely watching the last rites of one of Sri Lanka’s greatest ever players, Sanath Jayasuriya.

In a trmendous career that has spanned three decades at the top, Jayasuriya has contributed to the most successful period in Sri Lankan cricket. Adam Gilchrist is credited with changing the face of one day cricket but in fact it was 12 years ago that Jayasuriya actually pushed the boudaries, literally, with his aggressive stroke play within the first 15 overs. This approach to the game culminated in what must be Jayasuriya’s crowning moment in his career, when Sri Lanka lifted the 1996 World Cup, defeating Australia. All forms of cricket have never been played the same since.

He then became a regular in the Test arena from this point on, with immediate success. His famous bottom handed slices over point became a feature of the red ball game and slowly his influence had an impact on the scoring rates in Test cricket, most notably applied by the Australian squads of the past ten years to unprecedented success.

A score of 340 against India in 1998 was his greatest legacy to the game of Test cricket, as was his ability to break a partenship with his annoying ‘darts’ with the ball. A measure of his respect in the world of cricket can be explained by the fact that although Sri Lanka required an impossible run rate in the last overs and with rapidly fading light in the final of the 2007 World Cup, both Big Daddy and Uncle J-Rod wouldn’t declare the game over…………..until Jayasuriya was dismissed. A sentiment expressed by most Australians.

Jayasuriya has been an extremely loyal servant to not only Sri Lankan cricket but to the game itself. Let’s hope, at the ripe old age of 38, he can produce one last barnstorming knock tomorrow to not only toast his own career in the right fashion, but to breath life into a limp game.

I wish him luck.

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Hi Ho

I don’t know much about this Chamara Silva chap, but I like what I see.

He is a cricketer. Tom Moody saw it straight away.

In the first test against the Aussies he was the only batsman that dictated to Australia.

Marvin blocked, Sanath swung away, and Bambi (Vandoort) grafted.

Silva batted, if there was a bad ball it went to the ropes.

Remember back in day when people who played attacking cricket were thought of as batsmen, not one day specialists.

I miss them, and I wasn’t even born then.

Short balls were pulled, full balls were driven, and straight balls were flicked.

He attacked without going nuts about it.

In both innings he was caught at third man for 40 odd, once oddly enough from a flick to the legside. That is a worry.

I hope he is persevered with, he has a good technique, great eye and is great to watch.

Add him to my list.

Definitely not a probot.

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Session update day 3 – stumps

Maharoof missed one of those tricky straight ones from Roy. A lot of test nations play Roy like he is Meg Ryan, hard to deal with.

Roy is close to being a test match player. His timing is near on perfect. Just like when he became a proper one day player in 2003. Mind you his second wicket was rubbish, Ol’ Marvin would be crook as Inzy after a ten k run.

Vaas and Maharoof both did the whole, I really thought I had that covered how the f*ck did that bowl me backwards glare. Oh the humanity.

Jayawardene was about as plum as you can get, but he was so badly balanced he clearly thought it was a bad decision.

Two of my favourite tail enders are playing in this game Murali and MacGill. Both of them swing without thought or skill. Just the way a tail ender should play. None of this Gillespie sh1t.

Murali played an amazing hook shot/swipe/hopeitdonthitme type shot. Poetry.

Sri Lanka all out after a Fernando swipe, they aren’t the ice berg the world of cricket were looking for.

Lee with 4 wickets. Hmmmmm. Indeed.

Austalia is enforcinig the follow on, here comes my Laxman flash backs.

Sanath decided in the second dig to play a considered innings built on quick singles, a straight bat, and well within himself. Then he got to the middle and slogged. Oh how we enjoy real cricketers. Ofcourse then he went out. Shame.

Bambi (Vandoort) has a good average so far in test cricket. However, the boy is timid and he looks like he is going to be destroyed in this series. So he will probably come out and make a ton tomorrow.

Well that’s all from me on the couch. Back to you in the studio.

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Harold and Chucker go to White Australia

Some people in Australia may not have noticed, with the races and the election going on, but an international team flew in with Murali recently.

Some call them Sri Lanka.

Some call them the chucker’s team and others call them the team that the fat man captained to victory over the evil Australians.

Either way they are here, and I feel like I should give a little pre test gambit on the series.

If you can call two tests a series.

Sri Lanka’s batting has always been the strength. Old man Santath, Old man Marvin and Old man Mahela have all been around since Arjuna was an XXXL. Sanath just smashed Paul Rofe and Callum Bailey all around the Adelaide oval. But he would, that’s his kind of ground, flat pitch that caters for spinner, with the shortest square boundaries you’ll find in Australia.

Problem is the first test is at the Gabba and Paul Rofe and Callum Bailey won’t be in attendance.

Kumar is the main man for Sri Lanka with the bat, the boy can play, but like a lot of sub continent players before him he isn’t suited to Australian wickets, the gabba especially. What will help Sri Lanka is the fact the Australian bowling line up is new. What won’t help them is the fact Brett Lee likes bowling to Sri Lanka, especially Sanath. And if Tait plays (unlikely, but possible) he will be fired up to bowl quicker than Malinga, and who needs that.

Their bowling is interesting, I think Fernando is too fragile, and if he shows any weakness he becomes a huge liability. Malinga is a good bowler, but there is also a chance that once you get use to him, he comes onto the bat nicely. Vaas could have been the worlds best first change bowler, back in the day, problem was he was the main man due to the fact Sri Lanka has never had a good enough quick to go with him. While he is still good for some wickets he aint the man he used to be.

Murali (chief chucker) is the man who has to take the majority of the wickets. The Aussies generally play him better than most. And Australian wickets don’t seem to be his favourite. Having said that he hasn’t spent much time here in tests since the fat racist stuck his arm out (quite correctly). He really needs upwards of 15 wickets in the two tests for Sri Lanka to win.

Australia is not perfect this time around, in fact if ever a side was going to come here it would be after Warne, McGrath and some other guy retired.

Sri Lanka needs to get Jacques (I’m assuming) out under ten in his first innings. They need to make the opening slot a weakness. I’ve seen a lot of Jacques bat (cause he bats a lot) and once he is in, he is fucking awesome. He can take a test away by drinks on the first day. However he is not a great starter, like most players with basic footwork, he can get nicks early on, somehow Sri Lanka need to make sure he gets one early in the first test.

If Jacques gets in a big partnership with Hayden or Ponting in the first dig, that’s it, game over baby, game over.

The other advantage Sri Lanka must capitalise on is Australia’s new bowling attack. Santath and Kumar need to attack Lee, forget about Clark and destroy Johnson or Tait and milk MacGill.

Sounds easy enough on paper. Lee can’t be allowed to get early wickets, but Ponting must take him from the attack going for too many runs. Clark must be ignored, just treat him the same way you would McGrath. As for Johnson or Tait you can’t allow them to take early wickets or have their bad balls go unpunished.

This is a very important series for world cricket, no really it is.

If Jacques comes in and smotes them, look out, if he gets his confidence in international cricket, there are gonna be fast bowlers crying into the cereal before games.

And if Lee can finally step up, and Tait and Johnson become International bowlers, oh my. Seriously I’m getting all giddy at the thought of it.

The Australians will keep rolling as number one.

However if Sri Lanka can expose the weakness at the top, stop the bowlers from gelling, well they might even snatch a draw, which means India can snatch a draw or ass a win and then the world as we know it, will never be the same again.

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Australia vs India Match 2

I have to be honest and admit that I didn’t see much of the second one dayer between Australia and India as the match started at 1pm eastern standard time in Australia. Unfortunately, some of us have to work for a living!! Having said that I am glad I had to work.

I managed to catch the gripping conclusion as Damien Fleming made a pretty strong case that India could still win although they needed 8 an over off the last twelve with 3 wickets in hand and Dhoni the only guy capable of holding a bat left at the wicket.

Very disappointing day for the game of cricket when the most noteworthy events that made highlight packages were the ugly confrontations between several members of both sides……who will remain nameless…….

Reminded me of many other matches between Australia and sub continental sides that have turned nasty. I hope I am wrong, but there seems to be a trend. Whether Australia is still viewed by the rest of the world as just your average tall poppy that needs slashing or is it the fact India have just come off a major international tournament win (I’m still not convinced it counts) and may have been viewed as a rising threat that needed some mental manipulation before the Australian summer by the Aussies. Would be interested in your views out there in Uncle J-Rod land…….

None the less, this match just reinforced my point of a blog ago that these sort of contests don’t do anything for anyone associated with the game. India batted poorly and unfortunately Sachin failed again and he would be advised to put in a phone call to Chris Grant………

The game had a fitting end as Dhoni refused singles to expose Sreesanth to the strike, something I haven’t seen in one dayer…….particularly when they needed 10 an over. To seal the deal he nearly killed Sreesanth with a slog down the ground and the farce was completed as Gilchrist showed more concern for Sreesanth’s helmet than he did the individual.

Bottom line – save the niggly agro crap for the first morning of the First Test in November when there is something actually on the line.

Monday night I witnessed the first half of the first one dayer between England and Sri Lanka and was pleased to see the stunning form of one of all time favourite non Australian players Sanath Jayasuriya. What a freak he is at 38. Made a typical Jayasuriya 41. Set the platform for what can only be described as restrained, pedestrian 269 from the time Jayasuriya was out. Disappointing considering the bowling was moderate to say the least. No Flintoff and Broad is still very raw and finding his feet at this level.

England was England and capitulated for 159 (luckily I didn’t have to witness this as I went to bed) although a noteworthy debut was made by England’s keeper, a guy named Mustrard……..yep…….Mustard, who put in a tidy effort behind the stumps and contributed some spunk at the top of the order before he was out for a 30 odd off 20 balls. The walkers came in next (Bell and Collingwood) and that must have been that…..

Keep an eye out bloggers for what sounds like the makings of an interesting Test in Pakistan were South Africa are taking on the home nation at the moment.

Uncle J-Rod…….I am too intrigued by Dinnie………

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