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Dirty Dirk’s difficult second match

The big fella has the new ball.

Matthew Hayden, he used to play for Australia, is out there with an under 12 player.

Dirk and Haydos have more masculinity than most rugby sides.

What will happen?

Dirk is smiling, he steams in first ball at 148 clicks, and Partiv just frightens it to midwicket.

Another one slams into the bat, Partiv decides he must get off strike and he steals a single.

Here it is mother fuckers, DIRK V JESUS.

Jesus runs down the wicket and slogs at DIrk, its in the air, crickets renaissance man, AB,  is under it, he’s following it and following it, and he has fucken dropped it.

Dirk is fired up next one is 148 again and Jesus misses it.

Dirk thinks he is going to bring down the son of God now and fires one in and Jesus rides the luck of the holy goat and inside edges it for 4.

Heartbreak for our hero.

The last ball Dirk has nothing left and Jesus smites it from his vision for 4.

Great over from Dirk, and it went for 11, Jesus wins.

Come to think of it AB is a born again Christian, he probably dropped him on purpose.

Dirk is back for another go, this time to the twelve year old and almost takes his throat out first nut, quick, firery and sexy.

Next one is a ball tearing yorker, Partiv seems to have no idea where the ball is, but he gets it out, and Jesus takes the strike. same as last over.

Yet again Jesus comes straight after our Dirk, he doesn’t quite get it, but he forearms it through midwicket.

Jesus just slogs at this one, he beats cover but has mothing behind it and only gets two.

Dirk needs to grunt this one, and he does, short, fast, hostile, but it just limp dicks it to nowhere, Dirk wins the battle, but scowls at life for the ball not carrying to a fielder.

The twelve year old just bunts one for a single.

Dirk is unrewarded again, but he is breathing fire.

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