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Go Pies

This post has nothing to do with cricket.

Well, it happened at the MCG.

So there is that.

But, anyway.

Go pies.


when sports overlap

Since this was the 1st time I’d get a chance to watch Australia in this 2020 tournament thing (I’m having a hard time calling it a world cup), and it happened to over lap with the fact Collingwood (my team) were playing in a semi final in Australian Rules football. I thought I’d write as I watched both games. Obviously if you don’t know anything about footy, you may want to skip those bits.

Cricket: Matt prior played a shot id describe as a cramped nipple scoop. Johnson looks brutal, like the bowler lillee once gushed about. Sometimes he bowls as if he s wearing an inch thick condom, and other times like he’s as free as a bird.

Footy: Collingwood are struggling. Harold should have taken that, he’s classy but he can still make mistakes.

Cricket: Hard to believe Stuart Clark is in our top five 20 20 bowlers. Tests and one dayers no doubt, but 20 20 not sure.

Cricket: Don’t mind the female commentator, haven’t picked up her name yet, sounds West Indian, can’t help but wonder if she’s hot. Ultimate fantasy woman can sing, wears summer dresses, commentates cricket and make me a good vegemite and cheese toasted sandie.

Cricket: Luck Wright is gone, Johnson was too quick and too bouncy all over, finally pitched one up the sort of ball that good batsmen would have leant forward to and placed through the covers, Wright doesn’t move his feet and waived at it, through to Gilly.

Footy: Clement kicks into the mark, Cloke kicks out on the full, mistakes mistakes, we aren’t good enough to make mistakes. Thank fuck Le Cras cant kick tonight.

Cricket: Maddy learn about limitations my boy. I’m not sure what sort of shot that was and on the up drive type attempt, but Clark has a wicket for it.

Footy: Pies hit the post twice, heart breaking. 23 points down may switch to the cricket and put the remote down.

Cricket: KP and Collingwood facing Johnson with a slip. Nice work Rick (Ricky). Lloyd is happy, he likes its, he’s keen he is.

Footy: Cloke goal I lied about the remote.

Cricket: Edge past punter off Johnson, the boy is looking good.

Footy: Rocca goal, feeling slightly better.

Cricket: Australia seems in control although its always nice to get through Kp and Collingwood, he I just realised I’m watching Collingwood on both channels and both of them are up against more talented opposition.

Footy: Another Rocca goal. I may stay with the pies. 3/4 time.

Cricket: No balls are not helping, I’ve never bowled one in my life, although I must admit it’s hard to bowl one as a leg spinner.

Cricket: Looks like there not going with Hodge as a bowler, I think that’s a good thing.

Cricket: Collingwood out lb of a full toss that swang in late, I thought he hi it. But they went straight to an ad the bastards. Still haven’t showed a replay. They are rattling on about freddy and kp being big hitters, we all know that, show us the fucken replay. Just showed it from a bad angle, but didn’t appear to have been a nick.

Footy: Back to the footy. Sudden death finals are always hard to win, no margin for error, yes Dennis that’s what it means.

Cricket: Clarke a better option than Hodge but still looks rusty. Punter to bowl I say.

Footy: Le Cras misses again, he may have nightmares about this one, he’s keeping us in it.

Footy: Right at the moment the footy is way more exciting the cricket. Only watching cricket at breaks in play of the footy.

Cricket: I’m liking this fielding screen they are giving us.

Footy: Pies 10 points down. Tough from here.

Cricket: Bracken is one of those bowlers I reckon I could face. He looks that easy (may be the fact his hair is similar to that of an 8 year old girl), but shit he gets a lot of one day and 20 20 wickets. Kp backed away just tried to force it but beaten on length and bowled.

Footy: Medhurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrst. I just got some wood.

Footy: That was Deliberate, fuck yeah.

Footy: I love Alan Didak he can shoot at cop stations any time he wants. Like the Campbellfield cop station doesn’t get shot at every other night anyway.

Cricket: England really struggling, thought id better check, back to the footy.

Footy: Pies 2 points up, this is tense. A mistake is going to win this.

Footy: Fucken Rosa eagles by 4. Buckley mistake. Mick mcguane. No too early for that call.

Footy: Scotty out on the full we cant win now can we. Eagles crowd lifting.

Footy: Thomas, oh beautiful. Please kick it, please, do it for Scotty. Pies by 2. We can win now, how quickly life and my opinions can change.

Cricket: Fuck I missed a wicket; maskuranus likes to hit slog over midwicket, how unique. I’ll find out who got the wicket later.

Footy: 243 on the clock. I cant breath. Rocca and his clumsy tackling. Luck Glass kicks as clumsy as Rocca tackles.

Footy: Shit. Extra time?

Footy: No time to check the cricket.

Footy: Oh the pressure longest minute of my life. Just head butt through a point. Fuck me. Punch it someone over time it is.

Footy: We had our chance too, I think we may still win it though.

Footy: I have a 6 minute break. Back to the cricket so I can breathe again.

Cricket: I missed have missed another wicket just saw some guy called Schofield waft at one to gilly from Clark.

Cricket: Shit out of luck mask ur anus, run out off a deflection in Clark’s follow through. Team hatrick anyone.

Cricket: All out for 135 from 20 overs exactly. That was boring in any cricket.

Footy: Footy is back on, Shit I missed some. Probably better for my heart.

Footy: Medhust to Bryan go the rejects.

Footy: That’s a touchy free kick at this stage to Cloke, although on closer inspection it was probably there and he will miss anyway, no need to edit this as he will miss. Damn couldn’t even jinx him into a goal.

Footy: Pies 6 points.

Footy: Obree took forever for that. He’d better score. Damn short. Probably as far as he’s ever kicked it as well.

Footy: Cox looks like death. They’re saying something about his hamstrings. He looks like the guy in the final lap of the marathon, he may get across the line but he’ll need a wheelchair to get on the dais.

Footy: Glass has been Pantsing Rocca all night. Once it hits the ground he take s it out.

Footy: 6 points again.

Footy: Getting tense again

Footy: Buckley testing the umpire nicely

Footy: Please Scotty yesssssssssssss.

Footy: We couldn’t lose from here, could we?

Footy: Go Thomas go. Run boy.

Footy: We are home now. The waddlerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Cricket: this seems kind of boring by comparison. When England are losing they have no real soul. They don’t even seem to get really fired up about it. Australia will rap this up easy as.

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