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playing with Claire Taylor at Lord’s

The Wisden Cricketer holds a cricket day every year.

This year it was at Lord’s, which you may have heard of.  This meant I got to play at Lord’s on the Nursery ground (you can’t have everything) with several members of the English Women’s Cricket team.

My team was captained by Claire Taylor, yes Claire fucken TAYLOR, best batsman in the world Claire Taylor.

She also kept wickets, I stood next to her at slip.  It was just me and Clare Taylor in the cordon at Lord’s.  For all of 3 balls.

Then I bowled to Danielle Hazell as Claire Taylor kept and shouted encouragement to me, I think, she had a mouth guard on.  She could have been saying anything. Probably “pitch it up, idiot”.

Later on Claire Taylor and I talked tactics, batting order and how I should bowl.

Ofcourse the day wasn’t all great.  Danielle Hazell did hit me over the training nets.  Although she hit someone else further.  Later on I was hit for six by another English women’s player, I forget who, which is a shame because I then got her out.

Legspin wise I did pull a few down.  But I’m a club spinner playing at Lord’s, I am supposed to pull a few down.

My other wicket was that of Rob Hawk, from Hawk bats, which might have ruined my sponsorship deal with him.

There were other highlights.  Lawrence Booth flailing wildly with his eyes closed trying to imitate Wes Durston and somehow hitting a six of Simon Briggs.  Andrew Miller playing and missing at five balls straight of a last over before finishing off with a six.  And Rosalie Birch’s batting, which was pretty good for a retiree.  Rosalie works for chance to shine, and I think she would agree, that playing with me was her chance to shine.

My favourite moment had to be when I burnt Anya Shrubsole when running between wickets with her.  She made a diamond duck, but it was her fault.  These professional cricketers just don’t back up.  I can’t see how it could be my fault for hitting the ball straight to Cricket With Balls’ Holly Colvin and taking off.  Anya was a good sport about it, she only spent the next 2 hours telling everyone I had run her out.  Some people can’t face up to the truth.

I made up for it in the next over when I edged a ball of Jenny Gunn for the winning runs of the tournament.  Although had a stuffed up the chase I would have questioned Jenny Gunn’s action in true aussie style.

It was a good day, but this photo of Andrew Miller and John Stern making sweet cricket love was really wrong.

This post was written by Jarrod Kimber, who recently hit the winning runs in a final at Lord’s.

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Stuart Broad Propaganda

I don’t like Stuart Broad.

It has to do with him flaunting the rules of cricket, and then sucking up to umpires and officials so he doesn’t get suspended.

Plus I don’t like players that all commentators find excuses for, yes he roles his wrist over the ball on flat pitches and occasionally bowls across the seam, it is cool, but let’s not form an exploratory committee to go up his anus, sky.

But recently I have found something I like about Broad care of cricket writing’s Aaron Sorkin, Lawrence Booth.

According to Larry B, Broad didn’t want to be rested from the tests against bangladesh.

Chris Broad said this, “Stuart let the management know that if he was going to miss anything he didn’t want to miss a Test match, because those are the most important games you want to play in.”

Chris Broad didn’t say, “Stuart would have loved to get some cheap wickets to make his record look more like the sort of record Sky make it out to be”.

England’s resting policy is a bit of a joke anyway.

Andrew Strauss played in a one day series in South Africa which took up a week of his time, a week he could have rested.  He didn’t play in the test series against bangladesh which took two weeks, but he did play in SEVEN four day County matches at the start of the County season.

Are you telling me he couldn’t be rested from the bullshit one dayers against SA and the first 4 county matches?

Now one of their players has requested that he not be rested from Test cricket, and the ECB have done it anyway.

Even though Broad has played in rubbish games of cricket in the past, and could easily be rested from County games coming up or Australia’s pointless one day tour of England, instead he has missed out on playing test cricket.

The test series that Broad has been cruelly banned from finishes on the 8th of June, the complete waste of time that is the one day series between Australia and England begins on the 22nd of June.  I assume that Broad won’t play between now and then so he is properly rested.

This doesn’t mean you have to start liking Broad, but just know that he still would rather play test cricket than go fishing in May.

Or whatever it is he does when he is not playing cricket.

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review: what are the butchers for? by lawrence booth

Recently I was sent a copy of Lawrence Booth’s new book.

It is just a tiny little thing, resplendent looking in Wisden yellow.

The book is not Lawrence’s prose, but instead a collection of cricket quotes from around the world over the years.

I must admit that I am a bit of a sucker for cricket quotes, there have been times when I have spent hours going through the online quote section at cricinfo looking for gems.

This book now allows me to do this offline, and brings me beauties from the games past as well.

Plus I get the odd pithy remark from Lawrence underneath, nice work.

There is even a quote from Dirty Dirk Nannes saying arse. I prefer ass, but this is Lawrence’s book, so his rules.

Being that I like Lawrence and Quotes I am biased towards this book from the start, but if anyone else likes cricket quotes, there is just no reason not to buy the bugger.

It should also be noted that the patron saint of cricket with balls is mentioned, so how could I not like a book that quotes, and bags, Neil Harvey.

Just to prove I am not talking shit, here is 3 quotes i have taken from random page selections.

“Mummy, He doesn’t look like a murderer” Harold Larwood over hearing a young boy.

“Well, I open for Somerset so I might as well go in first.” Harold Gimblett to fellow mental patients waiting for electroconvulsive therapy.

“Nothing bad can happen to us if we’re in Indian on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it” Hashim Amla

So buy the book, you know your coffee table wants it.

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Cricket, Lovely Cricket?, a Michael Vaughan bookazine and and Snaptu

This is the free plug post.

Since Lawrence Booth is busy promoting my book, I thought it was only fair to plug his reprinting of Cricket, Lovely Cricket?

I haven’t read it, only because I don’t really read cricket books (unless they are written by obscure Indian Openers), but everyone I know seems to have read it and loves it. Plus Lawrence is a shit hot writer, so I am sure his books are tasty.

The Wisden Cricketer has a ‘bookazine’ out called The Story of the Ashes. It is written by TWC’s resident pimp, Ed Craig. I haven’t spoke to Ed for months, so he must have been busy working on this, it is about the greats of the Ashes, and Michael Vaughan.

Lastly is snaptu, which I have had on my phone for a while  but I refused to put a plug up for him because he wasn’t paying me, and there was nothing in it for me.

Now there is, so here is his plug:

“Let the mobile banter begin – ICC World Cup meets Twitter and Facebook on Snaptu Cricinfo!

Cricinfo’s mobile phone service from Snaptu has added live auto updating ball by ball commentary and comes with one of the top mobile Twitter services, plus mobile access to cricket blogs

Download it at cricinfo.
Or put m.snaptu.com/cricinfo in your phones browser.

This video shows the Cricinfo application in action.

Apart from following the matches in the Cricinfo service, you’ll find Twitter, Facebook and news reader apps on the main screen. You only need log into Twitter or Facebook once, then open the news reader  and select “add channels” to get access to a catalogue of cricket blogs (including JRod’s Ballsy Blog – sports/cricket/Australia folder). You can also input any blog url to put it on your main news screen. Opening up a blog article you can tweet, post to Facebook or email any story that catches your attention.

So follow the action ball by ball and tweet your heart out!”

That is right, you can follow me on your mobile phone, where ever you are, alway’s take my balls with you.

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Win more copies of my book

Lawrence Booth of the Guardian has decided to get in on the act of giving my books away.

“the year of the balls 2008: a disrespective” is not your average
cricket book. But the Spin knows a fellow-maverick when it sees one,
which is why the three copies it purloined from the bag of Aussie
author Jarrod Kimber while he was busy drooling over a picture of
Peter Siddle are now up for grabs. All you have to do to win a copy
of a blog-turned-book good enough to persuade Gideon Haigh to write
its foreword is answer the following question:

Australia have just failed dismally in the World Twenty20 for the
second tournament in succession. But who knocked them out in the 2007

Answers please in an email to lawrence.booth@guardian.co.uk by 12 noon
on Monday 15 June.