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The Long last week’s poll

Last week was a long week wasn’t it boys and girls.

It attracted a record number of votes.

But the results were disappointing.

43% of you want to live a long life using the Shiv the Chrab as your batsman. Boring.

In second place is the correct Answer, but Sehwag only got 15% of the vote.

No one wants John Davison to bat for their life, but if he did, what a great short life you would have.

This week’s poll is dedicated to Andrew McDonald and is hair and eyebrows.


last week’s poll

The big names came out last week.

Shiv and his tape were always going to be hard to beat.

Ponting and nads hair remover were always there abouts.

But in the end Alistair Cook’s eyeliner and Jacques Kallis sleeping pills took out top spot.

Iain O’Brien’s perfect jeans are not marketable.

This week i ask who you would get to bat for your life.


last week’s poll

More votes than ever before this week.

This could be because of your strong views on ugly batsmen, or the fact i accidentally left it up for over 10 days.

Either way it came down to the wire, the Krab Katich, Mittens Prince and former English player Paul Collingwood.

Paul fell away early, but the Krab fought tooth and nail for it, as is his way, but in the end no one could get Prince away from his rightful throne.

This week I ask you to be an advertising executive of sorts.


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last week’s poll

Apparently there are a few things more unbelievable than Krejza’s 12 wickets

Me making it to Cricinfo was number one (20%) equal with Creationism (20%).

This week i ask which batsman makes you want to gouge out your own eyes.


last week’s poll

Last week’s poll was won in a freakin landslide.

Shane Warne shat over all comers with a whopping 42% of the vote.

Behind him was the king of the straight one Anil Kumble with a respectable 20%.

The real winner was Tiger Bill, because i said so.

Also too many people ignored Colin McCool, don’t people vote for the best name in the list anymore?

This week i ask you what is more unbelievable than Krejza’s debut.


last week’s poll

Last week’s poll had the most votes ever.

Apparently I run a blog where cricket adminstracrats are more hated than cricketers.


Lalit Modi got more votes than Al Gore in Florida, a whopping 48%.

Which is fine, except that during this week Stanford and his groping circus were going on.

All of his antics only got him 24%, his tan and orange shirt combination were worth more than that.

Amazingly James Sutherland is so boring that he can’t even do evil good, 4%, that is pathetic.

This week i want to know which leggie you love.


last week’s poll

I asked you guys to be amateur psychologists and help Brett Lee understand his drop in form, and you have in record numbers.

Mostly you thought it was Lee’s socialist conscience that meant he had to go on strike with his Bollywood comrades (21%).

Behind that was Stuart Clark’s special hand relief not being on offer (17%).

No one seemed to think my Rugby joke was that funny (5%)

This week i ask, who has the most evil administracrats.


last week’s poll

What a poll this was.

Nothing is more important than your teams Villain.

The world has spoken, Lalit Modi is to be their villiain with a whopping 40%.

Behind him was reformed bad boy Bhaji with 18%.

John Davison and Harsha Bhogle struggled with only 13% and 10%.

This week we ask you to delve into Brett Lee’s India form.


last week’s poll

Last week’s poll started off great.

I was very close to being Australia’s next spinner, but as the week went on i got less and less of the vote, and ended up with 27% of the vote, which is acceptable, but not getting me a trip to India.

The worst thing was that i was beaten by someone of similar standing, that bloke who plays in the thirds at your club, but gives it a real rip with a whopping 42%.

I knew one day i would beat Richie, Mushie, Clarrie, and Warnie in a poll.

This weeks poll is about the search for India’s next villain.


last week’s poll

Cricket With Balls is never one to shirk the big issue, and last week we took the world to task over what you can’t call a cricketer.

36% percent of those polled decided the most vicious, wicked, and despicable thing you can call a cricketer is gangulyesque.

Fair call.

Chokers came in second with 17% which is another nice little dig at the South Africans.

Just behind that was Chuckers with 16%, which is a throw back to the 50’s.

Things you can call cricketers, John Davison, Gay, Muppet, and Bastard or Monkey.

This week’s poll is asking who Australia will pick as their next spinner.