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The abridged version of Lalit Modi’s response to the second show-cause notice

Over at cricinfo there is the complete and uncut Lawyer’s edition of what Lalit Modi said in response to the BCCi’s second show-cause notice.

I’ve read it, and somehow I survived.

It is really long. I obviously don’t like long. I like short. Like this sentence. Or this one.

But you still need to know what is says.

So here it is boiled down to twitter length nuggets.

“Giles thinks our shit is because of a personality clash. I think it is because he is a cunt.”

“Differences between Giles and me came in connection to me calling him a cunt, and him calling me a dodgy bastard.”

“I don’t give a fuck about some English idiot who can’t wear suits that fit, give me my league back.”

“Giles is a prick, but I made you millions and you guys are still giving me shit. That’s cold, dawg”.

“In this particular even I did nothing wrong, and here is 7417 words to prove this. Suckers.”

“I really am a good guy, trust me on that. You should give me my job back, or I’ll send more emails this long.”

There are probably really important details in his email, but that is the thing with things of this length, yawn.

Lalit is fighting for his career, and this is the email of someone fighting for his career.

The good thing about this conflict is you don’t have to pick sides, you can hate Giles and Lalit and then have a glass of mountain dew (or put Vodka in it and call it Goat’s piss).

As for the email, this is a hardcore apologia. Nerdy children should read this for when they want to get out breaking their mum’s vase in a mock indoor test match.

It isn’t the first apologia I’ve read in recent times, the last one was “written” by Ricky Ponting in the form of a diary.

Lalit and Ricky don’t like each other, but when it comes to explaining away why other people are in the wrong and they are in the right, both of them are very similar.  They write very long things that put me to sleep.

Maybe they aren’t so different. They should start a club.

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Who hasn’t defamed Lalit Modi?

Lalit Modi has now taken his pissy little administracratic grudge match with Giles Clarke to the next level by suing him for defamation.

I have no idea how rich Giles is, but his suits never fit, and that is never a good sign.

The problem with Lalit just suing Giles, the man he barely contains his hatred for, is that he is leaving out at least 70% of all cricket fans.

I cannot believe that even those who like the IPL haven’t defamed Lalit just once or twice.

The last time you mentioned him to your mates you probably defamed him.

There, you just did it again, didn’t you?

In modern cricket there is no one easier to defame than Lalit, he practically demands you to have a go at him.

I’ve never been sued for defamation (it amazes me too), but Lalit would be a good place to start.

Lalit knows what it is like to be on both sides of defamation after twittercusing Chris Cairns of match fixing. Although I believe he is still yet to be served for that one.

As for the reasons of the Giles lawsuit, it seems a bit unnecessary, Giles is accused of saying Lalit was trying to take over world cricket and English cricket, if you are a well funded politically minded cricket administracrat and you haven’t ever thought of taking over English or World cricket, you aren’t really trying.

I plan on taking over world cricket all the time.

It is just I have no money, contacts, or natural Lalit business sense.

I don’t think Giles’ comments really changed anyone’s mind on Lalit, the good thing about Lalit is most of us found it easier to not like him from the start.

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