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Cricket Sadist hour with Gideo Haigh: Shock and Awful

Click here for two men still sounding a bit stunned after Adelaide.

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The ashes squad with Gideon Haigh and Ryan harris’ latest injury (NOW ON VIDEO)

Ryan Harris is injured.

Mitch could be back.

Someone needs to get Fawad Ahmed a passport.

Phil Hughes, really?

Players like Brad Haddin.

James Faulkner is an impressive angry talented young man.

It’s literally me and Gideon Haigh talking shit about the Ashes, but this time on video.

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The homework hit on Watson – with Gideon Haigh

Whether we want to or not, Gideon Haigh and I end up talking about Shane Watson.

Usually, it is not that interesting.

I’m not saying this is interesting, it is for once actual news.

Listen here for many more minutes of thought that you need to send a text to your coach.



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Australian in game rotations against India with Gideon Haigh

MS Dhoni is better than Australia.

Moises Henriques has heavy sure feet.

James Pattinson needs resting from resting.

Fawad Ahmed is awesome.

Victoria are not.

There is nothing in Australian cricket that can’t be fixed by footy.

Listen here.

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Warne’s muppets with Gideon Haigh

What is a warniefesto?

How important is the Allan Border medal?

Which muppet is John Inverarity?

What is a Steve Smith?

Who’s pet has Steve O’Keefe run over?

Find out answers to this and potentially other things right here.

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Exonerating the legend: with Gideon Haigh

Have you ever thought about what the Justin Langer culture might be?

No, probably for the best.

Here you can join G-Dawg mid rant about Samuels as we begin.

There is also talking about a great new phrase that is taking over cricket, “not ideal”.

And how a team can all play bad shots one after another without anyone seemingly learning.

It’s here, ear it good.

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Informed player management with Gideon Haigh

A complete history of Australia’s rotation, resting and informed player management is included in this podcast.

Also how Australia think ODIs are background noise.

There was a bit of Michael Beer’s reocrd this year.

And you know, other recent aussie stuff that Gideon and I bullshitted about.

Listen here.

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Gideon Haigh pronounces the Bogus Age

Two men, australian cricket, a bit of shit talk, you know the drill.

What starts is an unscripted dive into run outs.

Then we bullshit about writing on your friends (read smooth Eddie Cowan).

Then Watson, again. We can’t help it. It’s a sickness.

And at the end Gideon rides a stunning white stallion through Marlon and Shane’s stropfest.

Put this in your ears now.

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Gideon Haigh and I talk Mr Stamps (Mr Cricket) and CMJ and Greig

Sorry for talking about Shane Watson again, but we do.

There is also chat about the Hussey timing.

Heaps about Glenn Maxwell, who is now not playing.

Some chat about Brett Lee’s tongue.

And finally Gideon finishes by telling some Tony Greig and CMJ stories.

Please your ears here.

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Trash talking and Boxing Day misery with Gideon Haigh

Gideon Haigh spends a bit of time telling us about suicide and horrible stories.

I, unsurprisingly, put the foot into the SLC.

We talk about how many Mitchs is too many Mitchs.

And how the Big Bash would be bashier with more trash talking.

It’s the perfect thing to follow the birthday of Horus.

Get your boxing day podcast here.

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