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Real exclusive: Dimi Mascarenhas trips over Twitter

Another day, another twitter fuck up.

How many times will we see the words twitter rant.

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The Trott Theory

Jonathan Trott was born in South Africa.

So were Andrew Strauss and Matt Prior.

Throw in Kevin Pietersen and that’s 1/4 of the 16 players England have called up this summer who were born Saffers.

I don’t have a problem with this. England has a proud tradition of utilising players from the former colonies. Heck, some of them – Dexter, Grieg, Lamb (once) and two of the above have gone on to captain the side.

My problem is that we’re clearly missing a trick. None of these have produced offspring who were also born abroad (preferably in SA). This shows a serious lack of forward planning by the ECB. Hell, Strauss was even allowed to return home from a tour to be with his wife whilst she gave birth. In England. What the ECB should’ve done was to ship her out to Jo’burg at 24 weeks, then confine her there until after the big squeeze.

They made the same mistake with Mrs Prior, too, which just shows what a bunch of braindeads they are.

KP has to be next in the frame. He’s got a few weeks where he can’t really do anything but put his feet up and he’s known to enjoy spending extra time with Jessica. If Geoff Miller hasn’t stuck the pair of them on a plane to Durban by now, he should be penning his resignation letter first thing in the morning. The future of English cricket demands nothing less.

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Ravi & Onions dropped for Bell & Sidebottom

“Both Bell and Sidebottom have been in form in the early part of the season and have been a part of the England set-up in recent years. Ryan Sidebottom has recovered from surgery and reports that he is now bowling pain-free and like he did against New Zealand. The inclusion of Bell and Sidebottom in the team gives the selectors, the coach and the captain a sense of normalcy going into this game. Ravi and Graham are unlucky but it was always highly unlikely we would continue to experiment with unknown players when we had two proven performers back in form. Bell also bowled a few overs for Warwickshire last week, and that was enough to show us he is now an allrounder.”

Geoff Miller


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rodney hearts geoff

I heard Rodney Hogg on the radio today talking about his good mate Geoff Miller.

Rodney loves saying my good mate.

Hogg, who shared phone correspondence with this Geoff, was talking about how Geoff is being run out of town.

Apparently there are some selectorial decisions that Geoff has made that have angered the pitch fork carrying English supporters.

Rodney, ex Victorian selector and part time bowling coach, said Pattinson is the kind of guy that gets better with each game.

So Geoff selected him as a 29 year old project player.

What is wrong with that?

He has only played 12 first class games, the first 5 for Victoria were ordinary, the next 6 for Notts, were better, so they next 7 for England should be fantastic.

Geoff Miller, you are very popular in Victoria at the moment, perhaps you should look at emigrating.

Hogg also said when he was on the selection committee he used to try spell Pattinson’s name as Patterson, which may explain why he only played 5 games.

No wonder Ian Botham always pronounced it so carefully.

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