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Dear Haydos

Dear Matthew Hayden,

Thank you for giving up your precious family time to come over here and earn a shedload of money at the British licence fee payers’ expense.

Thank you for your continual winding up of Geoff Boycott, it makes us feel good to know that it is not only us who think he is an insufferably self important twat.

Thank you for your insights into the game we love. Your story about being in the middle with JL and hearing your daughter scream in the stands because she had fallen over was genuinely moving.

But if you are going to pontificate all over the airwaves, at least learn the freaking laws of cricket. The reason that Hawkeye can predict the flight of a ball after it has made contact with a batsman’s leg is that the law says that an umpire should assume that the ball will continue in a straight line from the point of impact. So whether a ball is swinging, or rising, or dipping, doesn’t matter. If the ball is moving left to right, Hawkeye draws a line of the flight that the ball would’ve taken, irrespective of the chances of it swinging a bit more, dropping like a stone, or being pushed off course by a particularly strong bee. It does this because the umpire performs the same mental exercise. If it looks out to the umpire and it looks out to Hawkeye, the fact that you don’t think it was out is (a) irrelevant and (b) the minority view anyway. So shut up whinging about the technology and get back to what you do best – Boycott baiting.

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