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Do you believe your eyes or Tony Greig’s 250 camera shots?

I should point out that I’ve never been contracted to the BCCI.

But I still don’t overly trust the DRS, or UDRS, or anything with the word eye on the end.  Perhaps it has something to do with a ban batch of fish fingers from birdseye as a child.

With that in mind, here is a photo of the Nathan Lyon referral decision that was reversed because the ball pitched outside legstump according to the computer mapping system.

This photo was taken by Andy from his TV in the UK.

So you can’t trust your eyes, you can’t trust Tony Greig, you can’t trust 3rd umpires, you can’t trust virtualeyes, you can’t trust 250 shots from an expensive camera and let’s be honest, you can’t trust a picture lifted from a TV you found on twitter.

You also can’t trust me, because I’m actually a BCCI sleeper agent. Codename Bedibot.

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