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Cricket Sadist Hour: President Beefy

Would Botham beat Clinton?

Is cricket a strong or weak link sport?


How good is Mehedi Hasan?

England, arrogant, idiotic, or idiogant?

Is this Australia’s greatest pre-series home implosion since 10/11?

And Steve O’Keefe, because we can.


CSH: Pitch doctoring my arse

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Cricket Sadist Hour: the not ideal demise of the West Indies

What are the far from ideal reasons that West Indies Cricket might not be around in five years? Was South Africa’s form a blip? Do we need independent groundsmen? Has Andy ever seen a batsmen storm off a ground in a huff dismissing himself? What team would Plum Warner use to take on the Martians?


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cricket sadist hour: pink stat anger

Pink balls, the birth of test cricket, Iverson’s hands, taking singles, bullying at the ICC and home pitches.

Here on itunes.

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Cricket Sadist Hour: Mitch and the sleepless nights

The beast called Mitch. Australia’s batting pitches. Rebuilding England. Kane’s textbook animation. And special guest starring Jarrod and Andy revolutionising cricket tactics as you know it.


Syd Barnes
Aubrey Faulkner
Herbie Taylor
Warwick Armstrong




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Cricket Sadist Hour: The Ian Bell Curve

Pakistan’s win, England’s potential positives, masters of tweak, the era of part time, doctor talk and beach cricket.

Random historical players mentioned:

alfred lyttelton
gaving roberston
basil butcher
david capel
billy murdoch
cameron white

Here is itunes link.

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Cricket Sadist Hour: Viru the builder and destroyer

Viru, Zaheer, Shoaib, Adil, Cook, Trevor Franklin, Craig Howard, Blackwood, Rangana and Shiv Sena are all here.

What has Ian Bell replaced his hands with?

Craig Howard wormholes.

Shoaib Malik’s new empire.

Why we hate some teams now.

Episode will appear on itunes right here.

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Cricket Sadist Hour: Swinging shoulders and chunky thighs edition

A podcast where we imagine how Ryan Harris would bowl without limbs, and wonder if one day KP will hang out with Kin Jong Un. A preview for the ashes that very nearly looks into the series, some Pakistan and Sri Lanka chat that veers into left hander bashing, Bangladesh cuts and drones, the semi competence of the ICC and a special tribute to Victor Trumper.

Will appear on itunes here.

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Cricket sadist hour: Can Bangladesh have a new era? feat. @zaltzcricket

We talk legspin love, work out the exact level of Windies mediocre, try to work out if this was England’s first ever ODI series, mispronounce Bangladesh’s new dynamo, toy with the idea of buying a women’s franchise in the new English league and all the stats you didn’t need to know. Recorded in front of a live ESPNcricinfo audience.

Most importantly, we now have itunes up and running. So, yeah.

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