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Buy Gideon for Christmas (or for any non jesus related reason)

Gideon Haigh has a new book out, because he is Gideon Haigh, and that is what Gideon Haigh does.

It is called Sphere of Influence, and it’s really thick and has lots of big fancy words in it. It’s all about the T20 revolution and all that fun.

If you’re English you can buy it so you can look and point at the literate aussie.

If you’re Indian you can buy it for your friend who hates Gideon.

If you’re Pakistani you can buy it and hit Ijazz Butt with it.

If you’re Australian you can buy it and get your New Zealand friend to read it to you.

If you’re South African you can purchase the new Die Antwoord album to listen to while reading this book.

Other countries can buy it too.

If you’re a cricket with balls fan you can buy it because Gideon is often seen in a cwb t shirt.

It’s about modern cricket, it’s cool, it’s wordy, it’s Gideon.

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