cricket blogs

This is a now no longer updated list, not because I’m an asshole (which I am), but because I just don’t have time to update it anymore. Think of it as a historical document of how cricket blogs were truly better… etc.

well pitched – inswingers from pakistan

wicket maiden – she is

wicket keeping gloves – the softest hands ever

two cents – homer’s odyssey

third umpire – watch for the amber light

the warbling willow – listen to it sing

the village cricketer – for village people

the tcwj – soulberry’s crew

the slow bouncer – no longer just a long hop

the short third man – not a fly slip

the silly points – more than one

the silly point – in close

the pitch report – no keys

the optimus prime experiment – transforming cricket

the old batsman – likes it uncovered

the match referee – not chris broad

the green yonder – over

the googly – the right one

the free hit – ankit doesn’t charge

the cricket couch – sitting in on the discussion

the couch potato’s cricket journal – sweet cricket chat

the corridor – just outside off

the corridor of discernity – try playing the ball from there

the commentary position – natalie portman and cricket

the ashes cricket live – I assume it is ashes cricket live

the boundary rider – ridin’ it hard

t20 cricinfo – stratergy breaks and cheerleaders

stump cam – stu’s views

straight points – from square of the wicket

spun out – nice flight

sport review – pissy kiwis

spirit of the game – not about ghosts

soulbw – putting the groove into cricket

smart cricket talk – not silly

snicked – caught behind

sledgers and sandbaggers – he does both

short of a length – but does length matter?

short third man- not fly slip

simply cricket – it’s that

silly m(a)idon – no maidens here

silly pint musings – talking under the helmet

side line slogger – beige is the new beige

rousing cricket – inspiring stuff

right arm fast – at your head or down the leg side

reverse swing manifesto – the unablogger unloads

reverse sweep – gattingesque

republique cricket – suavest cricket blog ever

poshin’s world – the world of poshin and cricket

popping crease – back foot blogging

playing accross the line – risky lady

play for country not for self – or play with yourself

pie chucker – serving it up

pappus’ plane – the stats ninja

paint it, black – kiwi cricket

paddle sweep – unconventional hitting

outside the line – appeal worthy

outside edge – small nicks

off the mark – virtually never dim south africans

off cutter – comes in

opinionated cricket – you know sayin’ stuff

not cricket – but it is

no ballz – the women’s cricket blog

night watch girl – hoggard style

neal collins -a blog apart

naked cricket – nekkid

miss field – a warrioress

mike on cricket – he is literally on cricket

mid off – ottayan’s position

martins blog – enjoy

maiden bowling – she keeps it tight

long way off- it isn’t that far

line & length – the times blog

leading edge – trying to play it straight

king cricket – bulldog grit

just about anything – sach’s slag

island express – john’s say

island cricket – the lankan site

international cricket league – not associated with the ICL

icc world cup 2011 – you know, that long tournament

iain o’brien’s cricket blog – the trundler speaks

i3j3 – indian fans

history of cricket – stuarts look back

hawk mouth – from the mouth of a hawk

harris sports – saved by the sports

googlie – it’s like google, but wronger

good cricket wicket – seam movement and spin

good areas – banh’s areas

give it some air – no darts

fly slip – deep cover from sri lanka

flintoff’s ashes – drunkard or not

eye on cricket – ny’s number one cricket blog

england cricket – upbeat and positive cricket news

ed ladd – irish cricket diary

drinks break – his shout

doosra redux – dileep’s bent elbow critique

doosra – the other one

different shades of green – lovely colours

deep cover point – someone has to field there

danny pugsley – blogs about cricket

crucket – ben gets vowel

cricville – visit it now

cricketua – take a look at cricket

crickosphere – round coverage

cricket3r – 3asy cricket feeds

cricket, a brilliant game! – exclamation!

cricket za – not that evil

cricket view – not a bad look

why cricketers crack – a psychological examination of cricketers

cricket stint – just a short one

cricket statistics – numbers n such

cricket rules – ok

cricket rich – no cricket credit crunch

cricket or death – you choose

cricket moments – the scorecard

cricket lounge – relaxing cricket chat

cricket plus news – indeed

crick o – good o

cricket n all that – a guru speaks

cricket keeper – he is behind you

cricket god – strangely its not about me

cricket geek  – where nerd and balls collide

cricket games – thumb bending cricket fun

cricket funs – showbag goodies

cricket forever – a long time

cricket fizz – isaacs law

cricket files – discover the x

cricket fever – it’s live cricket

cricket fans – Icl news and views

cricket fanatic – fantastic

cricket desires – deep and dark

the young cricketer – a 12 year old girls ZOMGPONIES11!11! view

cricket collectables – read about things you don’t need to buy but you secretly want to

cricket buzz – it buzzes

cricket blog – Jc’s spin

cricket blip – check the radar

cricket avatar – james cameron approved

cricket ahead – not behind

cricket action art – pretty pictures

cricket 24 x 7 – some indian flavour

cric vid – videos on cricket

cric tips – tips on cric

cric schedule – a schedule of crics

cow corner – cricket agriculture

cover points – dream position

cosmic cricket – it’s out there

the compulsive hooker – a street cricketer

chinese cuts – not french

charlie randall – not steve

caribbean cricket – windie news

the baggy green – can’t buy, but can read this for free

buzz in cricket – hum dinger

breathing cricket – deep

bored cricket crazy indians – is there another kind

boundary conditions – dry and loud

bouncy & curvy – like kate winslet jogging

beige brigade – they wear it and live it

behind square – where you can have only three fielders

beer & sport – on tap

back of a length – hard to drive

back in 15 – women’s sport will be back shortly

at the end of the day podcast – a tracer bullet to your ears

ashes insomniac – wake up

arm ball – around the wicket

are you a left arm chinaman – well are you?

all padded up – kitted and ready to go

amy s. talks cricket – and does it with style

a straight bat – never across the line

adventures of billy the worm – billy plays a mean drive

a common fan – but not the one you  plug into the ball

after grog blog – a cricket blog occasionally

99.94 – above average

99.94 the cricket channel – cricket blog broadcast style

4th umpire – not a bad gig

4.5 inches of wood – that’s all you’ll need


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    added u up already

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  11. I changed the name of my blog – it was “the adventures of billy the worm”, now it’s “the cricket nerd”. Cheers.

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  21. Ahsan Raza says:

    awesome cricket blogs list :)

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    Thanks for the list of the cricket blog. Please add as well. It is having all the news on the world cup.

  28. Hi, great site, shame you’re not updating this list anymore, anyway has all the latest CRICKET HEADLINES for anyone out there, cheers!

  29. Ian Thornton says:

    Hello and cheers for the list, is my new cricket blog, I started recently and has views on all forms of cricket, thanks.

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    Really nice. You have mentioned some really good blogs. I have one cricket discussion site as where everyone can share their thoughts.

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    As a freebie (read bribe), I’ve even got a review of your film on there –

  35. Sorry, (rogue comma in the previous link). Cheers

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