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This was once a independent anarchist blog with lots of bullshit opinions and general bullshit. Now it is mostly stuff I’ve written or recorded for Cricinfo that I put up here because one day they may fire me and I’ll need an archive.

And sometimes I do original stuff as well.

I suppose the easiest way to describe it is to say it started with a bullshit anarchy cricket blog that spawned podcasts, books, vodcasts, mags and a film.

Cricket with balls exists to appeal to the five percent of fucked up weird bastards who like cricket, but don’t want to be involved with bowling maiden over gags, cricket’s obsession with thrusting itself up its own anus or Tony Greig.

I’m Jrod, I’ll be your bullshitter and all opinions shown on this site are mine.

Remember this an unedited ice-cream of consciousness cricket blog, if you want a slick cricket production with millions of dollars that is family friendly and error free, invent one.

Cricket blogs were better in my day –

Neil Harvey.


What is Cricket With balls?

That depends on what your definition of the words what, is and balls, is.

No seriously idiot, what is cricket with balls?

Cricket with balls is the shizzle in your dizzle.

You know snoop dogg language is no longer cool don’t you?


Cricket with balls?

It’s a cricket blog.

What sort of cricket blog?

International, Domestic, Perverted, Surreal, Beer Soaked, Fantastical, Racist, Political, effigy inspiring, Misogynist, Hate Filled, Gangulyesque, Mordant, Victorian and Delightful.

What do you talk about?

Natalie Portman, Sehwagology, Lalit Modi, Bryce McGain, Dirty Dirk Nannes, Ed Cowan, Giant Alien Lizards, Leg Spinning, Test Matches, 2020, Probots, One Dayers, Pro40, Jacques Kallis’ Boudoir, Adminstracrats, and John Davison.

What sort of person would like this?

Hermaphrodites, Perverts, Cricket fans, Hermaphroditic perverts, freedom fighters, leg spinners and anyone not related to a cricketer we hate.

Do you hate a lot of cricketers?

Is Jacques Kallis a pompous ass clown.

Fair Point. Do you have a mantra?

Cricket blogs were better in our day.

Were they?

Yes, no, and maybe.

There seems to be a lot of grammatical and just plain stupid errors on this site.

Their is.

Why is that?

Because I can’t type, edit, or know grammar good.

OK. Why is it called cricket with balls?

To distinguish it from the cricket blogs about the insect.

Do you have any political leanings?

We wanted Tony Greig destroyed, then he died and we felt awkward, we also want Natalie Portman sainted, free money for all leggies and you know the normal stuff like wanting to be the supreme naked overlord of the planet who rules with a oiled up fist and a mischievous grin.

Could you explain cricket with balls in 25 words or less?


Any Merchandise?

We have t shirts.


Well, we did, then we lost the page and all interest in t shirts.

Who are your influences?

Ichi the Killer, that book written by the dude who gets advice from an alien when he is in the shower and Oprah.

Is this the worst “about” page on the internet?

About us pages were better…

Cricket With Balls – If you really want to know more, meet us naked at the cross roads at midnight with a frozen banana, your birth certificate and a gift voucher for the Church of Sehwagology.

Or you could go about reading our shit and deciding for your badself.