Did David Boon drink 52 beers?

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2 thoughts on “Did David Boon drink 52 beers?

  1. MrKistic says:

    Back in the day your standard tinnie held 375ml of beer. 330ml is a fancy European bottle shaped recent introduction that has no place in Australia! Thus making it more/less likely that Boonie did/didn’t break any real/fictitious record.

  2. Andrew Mosey says:

    The * after scientific is there cause most of their assumptions are dodgy.

    VB Tinnies are 375ml, not 330ml = 19.5 litres
    All the time they’ve taken off is irrelevant, even if he’s not drinking while on the toilet, the body is still processing alcohol.

    Not saying Boony did it, cause I agree with the conclusion – he’d be dead!

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