Buy Death of a Gentleman on DVD

Finally, we have escaped the evil clutches of cinematic release and are trying to get the film out to the world.

So, here it is, on Amazon.

I assume you can buy it in other places, but I don’t have their links, and Amazon seem to ship to a fair chunk of the entire world.

Anyway, it doesn’t come out till October, so if you need something else to full up your time here is a piece on Shaun Tait being very fast, very wide and very brutal.

Or you can just listen to all the Andy Zaltzman cricket sadist hours as they are now on itunes.

But, buy the DVD first.


6 thoughts on “Buy Death of a Gentleman on DVD

  1. will says:

    Any chance that it will come out in region 1 format for technologically-challenged rich people in the land of the free?

  2. Vaidy says:

    Any chance there’ll be a HD version on one of the streaming platforms?

  3. Andrew Ward says:

    Jarrod – are there any plans to make Death of a Gentleman available for online streaming at some point? Amazon Instant Video would be great (or Netflix…). I live in the US and can’t play region 2 DVDs, and while I’d love to see the documentary it’s not quite worth the price of a plane ticket over to the UK (or actually 4 plane tickets, because I’d have no choice but to bring my family with me).

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