#PoliteEnquiries imaginary no balls


One thought on “#PoliteEnquiries imaginary no balls

  1. ironduke99 says:

    England bowled a little better than on day one but still well below their best.

    Australia made the excellent score of 481 all out.

    The England batting then collapsed like a schoolboy team to 107/8 at close of play.

    The lesson of this Test Series, to me, is that, partly, it has been about the England bowlers. When they really fire Australia lose, when they don’t really fire Australia win. Other than Joe Root England have mostly not batted very well in this series. In terms of batting alone other than Root, Cook -just- and, maybe, Bell, no England players place in the team should be safe. Had this series been in Australia this England team would have lost very badly short of more help than any Aussie cricket pitch will ever give an England bowler.

    Of the Four Tests so far Australia won one, by a long way, and England won three, by a long way. I would not be at all surprised if Australia win this one, by a long way (In fact I will be surprised if England don’t lose this one badly).

    I certainly think England went into this Test less than fully fired up -they had, after all, already won the Ashes- while Australia had a humiliation to try to make up for: That is a large part of it certainly. England were far too relaxed and friendly on day one of an Ashes Test.

    On the other hand I think that both teams batting has suffered from too much One Day Cricket and, especially, 20/20 slogging. To my mind the short forms of Cricket, especially 20/20, do very few favours to Test Batsmen. In One Day Cricket it often does not matter how soon you get out providing you make fast runs, in 20/20 it never matters, so long as you make fast runs, and that is before ‘fake’ fielding restrictions that do not apply in First Class Games.

    Another very telling point to me is the relative success of the Spinners MM Ali for England and NM Lyon for Australia. With all due respect to these two very good Cricketers neither of them are Shane Warne, or even Graeme Swann, when it comes to spin bowling.

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