The trailer and premiere of Death of a Gentleman

Sam Collins and I used to make odd little videos on the internet about cricket.  That became a career.  And gave us the idea that we could make a film.

Our videos usually took a day to make.  This film has taken us over four years.  I’ve now got two kids I didn’t have when we started, Sam has a wife.  For years we both broke our backs for the film.  Then I had to fit it around diapers and duties. Sam kept fighting.  Kept asking for money.  Kept trying to get people to speak.  Kept himself locked in edit suites for what felt like years on end.

So many people helped out.  Not even just those who will get credits.  Just hundreds of people, from backers, friends, family, crew, so many people.

And now after tll that work, there is a film  It will debut tomorrow at the Sheffield Doc Fest. You can get tickets here.

It started as a simple question about whether Test Cricket was dying. Somewhere along the line, it went well beyond that.

This is the website.

This is the trailer.

<p><a href=”″>Death of a Gentleman – Official trailer</a> from <a href=””>Dartmouth Films</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


2 thoughts on “The trailer and premiere of Death of a Gentleman

  1. Andrew Paes says:

    Hi Jarrod, sorry, as hundreds of people already probably have, letting you know they haven’t updated the cricket sadist hour on iTunes

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  2. Taff Frewin says:

    Good luck with this Jarrod, looks great and looking forward to it loads. Bring it to Bristol an I guarantee two ticket sales, deal?

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