#politeenquiries day 5 from lord’s – sad hookers


3 thoughts on “#politeenquiries day 5 from lord’s – sad hookers

  1. Christopher says:

    One of the questions concerned how drastic the England selection changes should be for Southampton. I suggest very drastic.
    How about letting the top Division One county team – currently Nottinghamshire – represent England for the third test? You don’t get more drastic than that.
    It just could work……….

  2. guv says:

    hey jarred… i notice you like hanging sh*t on eng…. sure, you’re an aussie, its what you do, but it seems you prefer to live in Eng than yr own country??? … if you dont like it mate eff off back to you’re own country (as they say in oz)

    • Jrod says:

      Guv, read all my stuff on Australia from when they were struggling, try this, or this. I write about cricket, not nationalistic bullshit. So thanks for the advice, but I’ll live wherever i want to live and write abut what i want to write about it. If you don’t like it, I could not give a fuck.

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