The cricket comic that never existed

There is no truth that this is how Tremlett gets about when buying milk.

Remember this was for 10/11 when this picture of Tremlett was very apt. And also, it’s still very awesome. (Click to enlarge)

From about 2009 onwards I have wanted to do a cricket comic.

But from 2009 onwards I have realised how hard that actually is.

The biggest flaw to my plan is I don’t draw.

Then one day I found Nick. 

And I thought, here is a guy who can really, really, really, draw. And he likes cricket. And he is a good guy.

So I went to him with the thought of making a cricket comic, and he liked it.

We decided to do the Mega Ashes as our big series.

As it was the most likely for us to convince someone to pay us the money to do to draw and publish it.

Sadly, no one gave us the money we needed. Which was small in real terms, but expensive in the cricket publishing world.

But, we did make a two page spread on the 2010 boxing day day, if you will.

Plus there were some other concept drawings of certain players.

It was a lot of fun, and just a shame that this is all Nick and I did.

A very early Bresnan, and no these aren’t stink lines.

Night club Tim.

Much better than the photoshopped picture of Bresnan he didn’t like. And in a smart pair of trousers. (Click to enlarge)

 This is a very rough Warner, which I suppose makes sense.  I wanted animalistic, Nick clearly saw shaved ewok.

We are not suggesting David Warner is a bear in the homosexual sense.

Somehow this is less frightening than the real thing. (Click to enlarge)

I found Anderson the hardest to write from a comic book thought, so I just dressed him as Neo.

Better with the red pill.

Neo could get it to deviate, but his god complex did make him a bit tedious at times. And when he was blind, he was bloody shit. (Click to enlarge)

Eventually I think Cook would have become a lizard man, but here he is as superman type dude, not long before Henry Cavill stole his look.

The perfect Superman to look wimpy next to Affleck's batman.

Remember that summer, when he didn’t sweat or ever look like going out. Nope, me either. (Click to enlarge)

And this is the whole comic, well if a whole comic can be two pages.

Watson really has this costume.

I enjoyed telling someone to draw my fellow Melbournians as feral dogs. (Click to enlarge)

To the left and right.

The actual day went worse than this for Australia. (Click to enlarge)

Sadly, this is all there is.

I doubt anyone will ever pay us up front to do this, so if we were to do it again, it would probably have to be a crowd sourcing thing in partnership with a comic book company or something.

But, instead of doing this, Nick just went and made his own non cricket comic, which I am sure is great, but has no Tremlett in his underwear.