#politeenquiries and how cricket stood still for Graeme Smith

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One thought on “#politeenquiries and how cricket stood still for Graeme Smith

  1. Christopher says:

    A granite-jawed cricketing colossus Graeme Smith may be, but he still did at least two very silly things during this third test.
    The first silly thing was not giving Morkel the ball when day two began, the better to immediately resume battering Michael Clarke. Had Morkel dismissed Clarke early on that second morning – which he so easily could have – how different this test would have turned out.
    The second silly thing was to sledge David Warner exorbitantly. Didn’t Graeme Smith know that sledging an obvious extravert like Warner, is like feeding blood to a Transylvanian vampire? Absolute silence from the fielders, and Warner might have got out cheaply both times.
    Sledging is more profitably directed at batters of the introverted and sensitive ilk – if indeed there are still any.

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