#politeenquiries and video match report


2 thoughts on “#politeenquiries and video match report

  1. dlpthomas says:

    You’ve been lucky enough to attend the games rather than watch them on TV, so I suspect you have no idea how truly awful the Channel 9 Commentary Team have become. A commentary box full of recently retired players is like a classroom full of 12 year old boys. If the only responsible adult (ie Ritchie Benaud) leaves the room, it all goes to shit. Commentating has become cheerleading and sledging and as the series has progressed it has degenerated further into one gigantic Circle Jerk (google “circle jerk” – I dare you)

    And speaking of jerks, does Shane Warne have the soggiest arse in the universe given how much time the other “commentators” spend licking it?

  2. tenouttaten says:

    I might’ve gotten a little teary watching this Polite Enquiries. I’ve looked forward to each one at the end of every day’s play this series. You and George work really well together; it’d be a shame if you don’t do a show or a column or something together after this. Please keep the magic alive!

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