Final MCG #politeenquiries


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  1. ‘Master of spin’: ba-dum-tish. Like it.

  2. Spin is about confidence. Being twice overlooked by a captain who does not have confidence in you, and to be overlooked in favour a part timer, hardly helps and is poor man-management.

    So, why was Monty selected?

    Other selection mysteries:

    Only one spinner that the captain/management trusted but who the regime failed to see was unfit, following surgery.

    ŸOne talented young spinner recklessly exposed to psychologically damage last summer.

    One batsman with psychological issues (known) that the regime believed could be ‘managed’.

    One young batsman with technical issues limiting ability to play up the order, exposed to this pressure by the return home of the player above.

    One new and untried opening batsman with the Gang’s interpretation of ‘right stuff’ but with technical issues whose flare has been extinguished.

    One tried and tested opening batsman with the ‘wrong stuff’ left at home.

    Only one full-time wicket keeper (insider) with serious and evident issues over batting form.

    Second (deputy) non-Test standard ‘keeper with serious issues batting against pace and bounce.

    One fast bowler with serious form/technical issues (copying with law change).

    Two untried, untested fast bowlers.

    Question: who selects the selectors?

  3. Doug Jenner says:

    Jarrod, why didn’t you let a Captain Hangdog get a word in edgewise? He might have made you seem funnier.

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