adelaide oval drinking game

There is something comforting about the Adelaide oval, without any cricket being played, the commentators would still be able to fill many hours of their time here.

Thus, I have devised a game. A drinking game, a beautiful and traditional game, to entertain you as you are drowing in commentary cliche.

1 finger

Mention of the hill, cathedral, AFL, renovation

If Les Burdett is uttered by Ian Chappell

Any time the word beautiful is used when talking about the ground

Short square boundaries

Batting friendly pitch

Any reference to Darren Lehmann in any way

Every time the scoreboard is mentioned with any of the terms ‘classic, heritage listed, pretty, olden’  (from @ABRFOTO)

2 fingers

If Les Burdett is mentioned by someone other than Chapelli

Anyone reminiscing about how the ground used to be (three fingers if they say the word traditional or proper)

A mention of the out the back of the members and fun

An image of someone drunk with the boof or dizzy statue

Mention of Nathan Lyon being the former groundskeeper, two fingers (from @_halshaw)

Glenn McGrath catch, one finger. Two if it’s mentioned that he caught it in the wrong hand. (from @LiebCricket)

Long straight boundaries

Les Favell’s name

Victor Richardson’s name

Drop in pitch talk

A mention of the grass banks

3 fingers

If someone brings up Chapell’s bar (if it’s followed by Chappelli saying how he’d rather have a bar than a stand named after him, that’s another 3 fingers)

The phrase ‘South Australian legend’

A sighting of Graham Cornes.

Victor Richardson gates.

If someone tells the Paul Collingwood super slide story.

A mention of Warne and fifth day’s. Or England’s first innings total in that Test. (both is downing your drink).

Moreton bay figs (@tomcstandard)

Down your drinks

If Chappell mentions both Les Favell and Les Burdett in the one anecdote.

All appearances, or mentions of, Nugget.

A mention of the out the back of the members with the word marquees used

For River Torrens or Memorial Drive references

Drink a bottle of something you’d never usually drink

Any reference to David Hookes in any way

If someone says Newlands is prettier.

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5 thoughts on “adelaide oval drinking game

  1. Matt Wallace says:

    Should be there Sunday – beer?
    Will need to crossthe Torrens and pass Mem drive to get the the members, looking forward to some fun out the back, hate that old nugget about Newlands, can imaging Lehmann boofing Chapelli Dizzy if he mentions Favell or Burdett in the one sentence, he loves those South Aussie legends.

  2. Have a drink every time they come off for light rain

  3. Every time the scoreboard is mentioned with any of the terms ‘classic, heritage listed, pretty, olden’

  4. jackvittles1 says:

    Haha! This is perfect. Also think a reference to ‘spaceship’ needs to be here somewhere. Sky loved it last night.
    Check out my cricket blog

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