Cricket Sadist Hour: The Anti Pup with Gideon Haigh

It’s a late emergency meeting of the cricket sadist hour where Gideon Haigh repeatedly calls for Darren Lehmann to come back.

And I wonder why the buck didn’t stop where it was supposed to and whether 12 years is enough.


3 thoughts on “Cricket Sadist Hour: The Anti Pup with Gideon Haigh

  1. schakraberty says:

    I enjoyed the discussion, especially on how the administrators are rarely held accountable. It’s uncanny how fundamentally similar cricket administrators are around the world. My own view on Mickey Arthur, though, is that he was a really poor coach in purely cricketing terms for this Australian side, leaving aside the Warner and homework sideshows. I’ve recounted just how bad he was on the India tour in this blog post –

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  3. jogesh99 says:

    so now its not the winning or losing, its the taking part and having fun, the true blue aussie way to play sport …. ha ha ha ha ha

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