player power loses to boards’ might (there is no politics in cricket)

The ICC press release on the new members of the cricket committee said: “Kumar Sangakkara and Laxman Sivaramakrishnan were recently elected by a vote of the 10 Test captains, and will serve on the cricket committee for a three-year term from 2013-15.”

Sangakkara’s name was written in the text of the entire email – Helvetica, size 13. Sivaramakrishnan’s name was written in Georgia, size 16. It looked out of place and was very hard to miss.

Sangakkara is stately and respected, and was a natural fit. The players’ choice for their last representative on this committee was between Tim May and Sivaramakrishnan.

Tim May is the CEO of FICA, the players union. He is more than its CEO: he was its very impetus for existing in the first place. Since 1997, he has fought for player rights with cricket boards. He has pushed for better security. He has been involved with care programmes for cricketers with emotional problems. And he has fought for better pay conditions, and even upfront pay, in haphazardly organised T20 tournaments.

Laxman Sivaramakrishnan is a BCCI-contracted commentator.

So 10 Test captains had the choice of who to vote for. They chose the commentator.

Perhaps the players who voted against May were sick of having an independent voice on the committee. Maybe what they really wanted was an inside man who had the ear of the king. I doubt Tim May can chat with N Srinivasan anytime he wants to. Sivaramakrishnan can.

That is democracy at work. When given two choices, the players voted with their conscience and picked the person they wanted to represent them. Of course the basic problem with democracy is that people can be stupid, selfish and easily manipulated. Not that this is a democratic situation anyway. The international players of the world don’t vote on their Test captain, their Test captains are appointed by the boards themselves.

As ESPNcricinfo understands, the four votes for May were from his home country of Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand. All have strong unions and are part of FICA.

But what of the rest of the world?

The BCCI is always cast as the ogre in situations like this. But MS Dhoni was the only person who would have possibly voted for Sivaramakrishnan regardless of Tim May’s history. The Indian players have no union and are not involved with FICA, and with Sivaramakrishnan being so heavily involved with Chennai – the city, at the very least – you would assume he and Dhoni have a relationship.

Misbah-ul-Haq may have been swayed and may have also responded badly to Tim May suggesting international players boycott the yet to exist Pakistan Premier League.

The Bangladesh Premier League was given an almighty smacking by May for the fact that it regularly didn’t pay its players, or paid them really late. That might have concerned the Bangladesh captain.

And Angelo Mathews might not have taken well to Tim May also making a big deal out of the fact that players in the Sri Lankan Premier League were not paid on time.

Of course, it is more likely that these three votes were not by aggrieved players, but from their boards. Boards who have been embarrassed by Tim May regularly (as he has the nerve to point out that there may be financial or security concerns) and who probably don’t want him on an ICC committee.

Zimbabwe’s vote is always a swing vote, and talking about it in any real sense would be a waste of time. With all the other votes being fairly obvious and predictable, even the swing vote, the casting decision ultimately came down to Darren Sammy’s West Indies vote, which went to Sivaramakrishnan.

Perhaps it is a play for power by some to control the message. Tim May is independent of all boards. In his role at FICA, there is probably no board he has not annoyed. His job is to get the best deal for the players.

That said, if cricket boards are involved, this is not a player vote. And the entire position should be scrapped immediately. It’s not even like there are no other players on the committee. The entire committee is made up of former players, apart from Sangakkara. Anil Kumble, Dave Richardson, Andrew Strauss, Mark Taylor, Ravi Shastri, Trent Johnston, Clare Connor, Gary Kirsten, Ranjan Madugalle and John Stephenson are all there. They may have many different masters these days, but they are all players.

The ICC did instruct the boards not to interfere with the process, which is similar to when the ICC wanted politics out of cricket. It’s a nice idea, but spectacularly unpractical.

Perhaps these players voted on conscience. Perhaps their boards pushed them that way. But why would you want to twist any arms? What is the benefit you get from replacing May with Sivaramakrishnan?

There is talk, of course, that the BCCI is trying to stack the votes of the ICC cricket committee and that is why all these votes dramatically left Tim May. It seems odd that the BCCI would stack this committee, given that they have full control of the two committees above it; giving Sivaramakrishnan a vote hardly changes the power dynamic of the committee. And even if it did, the vote would hardly matter.

The cricket committee unanimously recommended the use of the Decision Review System (DRS) in all Tests in 2011. In 2013, we still don’t have that. We may not have it for years. So why stack a board that you ignore quite easily? That already has, as its chairman, a BCCI official in Anil Kumble and another paid BCCI commentator in Ravi Shastri, as a media representative?

If it’s not about votes on this fairly unimportant and easily ignored committee, what is it about?

Perhaps it is a play for power by some to control the message. Tim May is independent of all boards. In his role at FICA, there is probably no board he has not annoyed. His job is to get the best deal for the players.

May speaks his mind at all times. His job is to call out these boards. His job is to do what is best for the players. He is no board lackey or stooge, but his own man who believed so much in players having a unified voice that he created one for them.

What better way to embarrass this man, and FICA itself, than to have him ousted from his ICC role as the player’s representative by the same players he works for.

With that in mind, I wonder if all international players of 2012 would have picked Sivaramakrishnan over May if they were allowed to vote in a completely anonymous fashion. Not that a vote like that would ever be allowed to happen, it’s nothing more than a naïve utopian dream.

In cricket, the power is never with the people who play or pay, but always with the boards. It’s not a democracy, it’s a decadarchy.

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23 thoughts on “player power loses to boards’ might (there is no politics in cricket)

  1. davender says:

    So Jarrod finally came out with his true colors. Till this time he was posing as a harmless buffoon making fun of one and all. But no, it was all skin deep I see !!!

    The way you have made different portraits of Tim may and LS shows your bias. Almost a paragraph on Timi sir’s greatness and a line on LS that he is an employee of CSK.Fair enough if that’s what objective journalism these days is. May I remind you that LS is a fairly successful former leg spinner for india and a more than respected commentator. He has been involved with indian cricket for more than 2 decades and certainly has all the qualifications necessary for that role.

    What about tim may ? Timmie the great is the head of fica and is a notorious anti sub continental person. He is deeply hated in Bangladesh for his vitriolic and racist comments against the BPL and the people of Bangladesh who run it. He has been unashamedly critical of the SLPL,IPL and the proposed PPL and has always advised cricketers not to take part in these events. Guess the overwhelming participation of players from the same nations he panders to show that even these nations don’t take him too seriously .So who would take him seriously in the cricket committee.

    Coming to the cricket committee, if you note that there are 13 members in it ( 14 if you count LS now ). 9 out of these 13 are from the white nations Timmie the great represents.Heck, even the bloody statistician if from those countries.

    Cricket has long been known for its imperial past and the way the white nations ruled and abused the system. So an addition of a non white person in the committee would have been welcome in any other sport or society as a welcome sign of diversity. But no, instead it has descended into a debate that it is a sham democracy that a white person lost the majority vote after intense lobbying from both sides and speculative stories saying that Timmie the great was leading 9-1 in first round and then lost due to bcci power have been cooked up. No proof of any of these stories and one would only imagine that no one in India,bangladesh,srilanka and Pakistan could have even thought about voting for timmie. But no sir, its all a conspiracy.

    Jarrod I thought long and hard why you of all people would propagate such speculation and non stories ? Then I realized. Aussie ex pm johny howard was not selected for icc presidentship because of his racist views towards Zimbabwe cricket and aussies had a facepalm moment there. Since that time aussies including timmie may and others have been planning to take up all roles in the cricket committees to avoid such repeats. Timmy’s conduct during the monkey gate affair was cringe worthy and there again the aussies lost. So seeing another faceloss in the upcoming cricket committee selection they cooked up this story with the help of white south African journalist who mentions the white south African captain been asked to change his vote. This is my speculative story about the whole episode and like neil manthorp’s tale has no facts just pure speculation but like him I will stick to it and say its all true.

    Unlike the aussie ( I ll include NZ in this also as they have no separate identity or vote) the conduct of ECB and specially CSA has been interesting. ECB with its imperial past was always going to support Timmy. Heck they even have Mike gatting a famous apartheid lover who went on rebel tours to SA as the MCC president and on the panel as well. However, CSA with its apartheid past has a lot to answer for. The white journo who in conjunction with their white captain leaked this non story are partners with ECB and CA which doesn’t speak well of Mandela’s rainbow country where apartheid has been abolished but those mentalities still prevail. What a shame !!!

    Jarrod you lost a fan today when you suddenly discovered that if a white person loses an election it isn’t democracy. Guess one non white fans loss will not disturb you I can now safely bet.

  2. SanjayN says:

    I only see Tim May release security warnings for international cricket played in Asian countries. As an example, does he warn players about South Africa? There are security issues there. What was his stance after the London 7/7 bombings? The Ashes continued without any threat to abandonment, and if there is to be any future cricket in the USA, will Mr. May/FICA warn the players given the constant threat there?

    Has it occurred to anyone that Tim May is a very divisive character in his FICA role? Had he pursued a more inclusive strategy, he would even have Indian players on his side. Once you start extending criticism of a cricket board into the realms of culture and “we’re better than you” jingoism, even Indian cricket fans who are anti-BCCI (and the majority are) will see it as an affront on their identity and side AGAINST those attacking BCCI.

    Finally, what criticism of those captains and boards who succumed to supposed BCCI pressure. Expose them. Where are the altruist captains who instead of whining about their arms being twisted remain anonymous and give off-the-record comments?

  3. Peter says:

    I have to be honest and say that I couldn’t care less about the politics of cricket. I enjoy the game for what it is and I can gladly say that it has been a one of my utmost favourite things since I can remember. I follow the game constantly but Tim May or Laxman Sivaramakrishnan? I couldnt give a shit.

    Despite my more relaxed attitude to what is still essentially a game, it is interesting to note childish outbursts such as the one expressed by Davender below. At no point was Kimber’s article derogatory towards LS or Indian cricket and it sure as hell came nowhere close to the one-sided, bigotted and ignorant view expressed above. It is also important to note that although it is seen as a prerequisite to any journalistic writing, complete objectivity is impossible to achieve. Expressing one’s own opinion after properly considering the facts of a particular matter is all that can be expected from journalists nevermind those writing on personal blogs such as this. Kimber is entitled to his opinion and if you do not agree with it feel free to pen your own view of the matter but do not attack the writer personally, it goes too far and makes you sound like a bitter, demented cricket-hooligan.

    As a South African I also have an issue with how easily Kimber’s attitude, and seemingly that of Ian O’Brien, towards a largely murky selection is now being described as racist. It is a term that is too easily thrown around in modern times and one must caution not to use it when inappropriate to do so. Racism is an ugly beast and clear examples of its presence in cricket are easy to find, whether it is the monkeygate issue eluded to below or a commentator calling a player a terrorist while still live and on the air but stating one’s belief that the appointment of one cricket administrator is faulty as a perhaps better man was ousted is not and can never be racist.

    I’m sure you are a fan that Kimber would be pretty stoked to lose I’d imagine. Grow up

    • davender says:

      Peter as I mentioned earlier I found that the biased description of LS and Tim may very offensive and insulting to LS who was one of india’s greatest leg spin bowlers and a great servant of Indian and Tamil nadu cricket. What you think of my views confirms my suspicion regarding Cricket south Africa’s curious stand in this affair.

      Maybe you should go ask respected south African writer Firdose Moonda about the unfair treatment given to Thami who was the incumbent wicket keeper and still could not get a real chance with the south African team. That will open your blinkered vision and then you will understand that my earlier post was quite accurate.

      As for ian o brien he was a shitty cricketer and he is these days a attention seeking nobody. My advise to anybody attacking him on being racist is to back off as that is what he represents and seeks.

  4. ram says:

    Decadarchy or decarchy? Both applicable here.
    Looks like someone’s been busy with the dictionary.

  5. rahul h says:

    @davender brilliantly put. articles like these & the one by Malcolm Conn of
    The Daily Telegraph show xenophobia is still widely spread in the game. i doubt there was even a single article anti-a particular board like this one or malcolm’s calling n srinivasan “cricket’s most dangerous man” right from the inception of the game till the ’90s when the “right” people were in charge of world cricket & rode roughshod over everyone else & dictated terms. most of them pine for the day when the white nations with all white teams ruled the world.

    • davender says:

      Thanks Rahul ! The worst is the indian English media who generally does not apply mind of its own and takes these things literally. Whities are always going to shout fowl when they loose but so called English intellectual media of india should fight back tooth to nail. Only seeing Harsha bhogle standing up against racists hence my respect for him has grown manifold.

      Thanks again for the encouraging comments !!!

      • rahul h says:

        @davender, unfortunately our journos are either just copy-paste “artists” or dont have an mind of their own & just parrot what the rest say. for eg. the warped perception that spin-friendly wickets are somehow bad/unsporting & only pace-friendly wickets are good/sporting is bandied by the foreign journos & many indians parrot the same.

  6. HawkEye says:

    I am just inclined to refer this article to the legal cell of Mr Srinivasan. Not that I have access to them. But I would sure be interested in legal hawks scouring this article for unproveable allegations. I am going to try to reach them, jarrod. Meanwhile, if you want to remove any libellious allegations(if any), feel free to.

    • Jrod says:

      Hawkeye, Being that it was the lead on cricinfo, I dare say they’ve read it. Say hi to some of their staff who gave me the information while you’re there. This piece was fact checked by 6 people, four of which were in India, for six hours. So I stand by everything in it. Oh, and if you really wanted to get me in trouble you’d send a screenshot before I had time to edit it.

      • HawkEye says:

        Trust me, I am a fan, I have no vested interest in putting you in trouble. Just that something about it feels off and incomplete and one-sided. I cant place my finger on it. Hope Tim May is really all that he is portrayed to be in this article. 2000 years ago, such a flawless man actually is supposed to have lived, it’s not impossible, I suppose.

      • Jrod says:

        Hawkeye + Davender, I am currently making a film about how every board is to blame for the problems facing cricket. I have written far harsher pieces on the Sri Lankan Board, have called the behaviour of every board into question at one time or another. My problem is with the way the boards run world cricket. I don’t trust their motivations, I don’t like the way they do things, and i don’t think the fans or the players are being treated with the respect they deserve. Yet when i question the other nine boards, people are ok, when I dare point out what the Indian Board is doing, suddenly I am libellous, making things up or just another white guy who hates India. I love India, I support India when they play England and South Africa, I started fucking Sehwagology. I didn’t write this piece lightly, I wrote it after talking to people involved. I have only one agenda, for cricket to be governed in an honest and transparent way so the game can flourish in every part of world. That is not happening. India run the game because of money. That makes sense, but if I see needless bullying, am I suppose to shut my mouth because I’m white, that sounds like absolute fucken bullshit to me. Bullying is bullying. Australia and England use India when and how it suits, sometimes as their enforcer, sometimes as the enemy to make themselves look good. Sri Lanka get toured by India seemingly on an endless loop, and still can’t afford to pay their players and spend money on endless new stadiums that barely get used. The West Indies governance is a disgrace. South African Cricket had people in charge stealing money from it. New Zealand got involved with the worst cricket board of all, USACA. Zimbabwe is Zimbabwe. Why aren’t the cricket conditions better in Bangladesh after all this time, do they even have a professional business plan? The white domination seeking administrators you talk of don’t exist, their heads are stuffed royally up the BCCi’s clackers, more even than the people who take to the internet in protest of every piece that is critical of the BCCI. There is a real war being fought in cricket right now, but it aint some bullshit brown vs white nonsense, it’s being fought by men flying around in first class getting what they can for their boards while our game is mismanaged and diluted. I talked to the CEOs and Chairmen of all the big boards. I know what it is like to deal with them. I know how they work. That is why my piece finishes by saying the cricket world is run by ten boards, because everyone one of them plays their part in the way cricket is run, from the weakest to the strongest, and when they fuck up, or when I see something that I think is bullshit, I’ll say something about even if I know when I write it I’ll get called racist by people who could never know the inner workings of what I am writing about. Despite the fact it helps my career very little, I will continue to write and make films about it because my career in cricket is less important to me than the game itself.

      • davender says:

        Jarrod it seems you are completely sold on this non story and making up stories yourself without any facts/names. Guess you have to stand shoulder to shoulder to your real brothers. Still sad as I thought you used to be better than that.

  7. HawkEye says:

    Davender makes several important points. To use his ranting tone to completely run down his views isn’t, to me, very wise.
    Peter also makes a important point about how it is being sought to paint this selection as racist(reverse-racist?. The angst of certain white people at the loss of their power to control Cricket – as they wish to – is clearly seen. Maybe not jarrod here but one can sense it if you read British & Aussie Sports columns regularly. Many of them even religiously believe that left to themselves, ECB & ACBs would be paragons ff virtue.

    I wish I had the skill to take down this gang of itnernewhite internet commenters who let’s face it have several mockable attributes. And it perhaps rankles when ppl capable of that, liek jarrod, eitehr are ignorant of this tribe or unwilling to mock them, like, say,t hey would the easy target that is Sachin militia.

    • davender says:

      Thanks Hawkeye !!!

      Completely agree with your points regards the british and aussie sports columns and their regular mockery of indian cricket,bcci and even Indian culture. But that’s what they have been doing for centuries and it isn’t going to change.

      What irks me more is the Jaichand type media persons in the indian English media community who don’t stand up against these bullies and bring out the truth. At least I find that the Hindi and other regional dailies do a much better job of protecting the image of our cricketers like LS and do not make a mockery of them.

  8. HawkEye says:

    I read through it again, jrod and I see that you have protected yourself well by keeping the libel under conditional statements. well done. I just wish there was someone of your capability to expsoe the shenaignans of ACB, ECB and White-Domination seeking administrators, who are no better than BCCI. Sadly, Indian journalists are just capable of regurgitating conspiracy theories in western newspapers, or creating and moderating personality-based worship or takedown of Indianc Cricketers.

    I wish I ahd your skill for humour to put across my points. Sadly, I dont.

  9. davender says:

    @Jarrod ,thanks for the reply and that’s why you still remain one of the least biased cricket writers around. However, on this issue can we agree to disagree as the non story of a cricket committee election has come out based on just speculation with no facts or names. ICC has also cleared it quite clearly in their official statement that no rigging of votes was involved. So while naysayers might say that who trusts ICC it is the only party in all this who has given an official statement and hence I chose to believe that.

    As to why you or any other white reporter getting called racist based on criticism of boards is that we in India don’t see any such biased writing about ECB/CA shenanigans. The biggest racism issue in cricket was APARTHIED and I don’t see any criticism of MCC appointing Mike Gatting as its president and also on this cricket committee. Gatting as everybody knows is a famous apartheid lover who went on rebel tours to SA during the apartheid regime and has never apologized for it. His appalling behavior towards Pakistani umpires specially Shakoor rana gave further evidence of his racist mentality. Still I have not seen one article condemning MCC/ECB for appointing Mike gatting as their president. Makes you wonder why ???? In the same way Graham gooch has been appointed Batting coach by the ECB and gooch also like gatting went on rebel tours to the apartheid regime of SA and hence obviously supported them .Not seen one article criticizing ECB for this and in fact no article from the white world even brings these issues up.

    Jarrod you in particular have made a point of mocking BCCI president N Srinivasan in every article and twitter feed of yours. Now, I am not a Srini fan and hope one day that the long arm of the law catches up with him. In fact the incumbent president Arun jaitley is quite a respected and reasonable man.So when in 2014 he gets the charge I hope you will find the BCCI face to be much better. But the fact remains that he ( and even srini) is still just the face. There are a lot of honest and well meaning ex cricketers working in the BCCI and when you tar the whole BCCI with the Srini brush time and again it starts grating. It seems to us that you think that each and every person involved with BCCI is a crook and as a fan I also happen to be involved with the BCCI and hence does that make me a crook also ?

    Speaking of crook presidents and biased reporting again makes me come back to the white board presidents and Giles Clarke was involved with the biggest scam and fraud in cricket Alan Stanford who duped gullible investors and some of that money lies with the ECB and it has never returned it. What irks us is that while Srini gets ridiculously mocked of alleged irregularities Giles Clarke gets the long rope so easily from british and aussie cricket writers. In fact one cricinfo writer doorbell has said on his twitter feed that ECB involvement with Stanford was good for british cricket. So there exposes the hypocrisy of white writers on ethics and integrity. Everybody seems to have forgotten the Giles Clarke Stanford liason and moved on but nobody seems to be moving on with Srini. I would love to see you associate ECB on every article with Clarke/Stanford as easily as you associate every article on anything related to indian cricket with Srini.

    Another point is the conflict of interest thing which white boards and writers like to point out about Dhoni,Gavaskar,Shashtri,LS and others. Are they the only persons with conflict of interest ?? I know very well that Mark taylor is on several CA boards yet no one makes it a point to call his commentary biased because of his CA involvement yet Gavaskar,Shashtri are regularly termed as such and are called BCCI spokespersons. In fact if biased commentary is to be called out I can honestly say that the Channel 9 commentary team beats anybody hands down in a biased commentary contest. Still,everything is the fault of Gavaskar and Shastri.

    Sorry for such a long essay but I got really excited when you replied and like an indian cricket fan behaves towards their favorites wrote this up. Jarrod you can dismiss this all as a rant but all these things keep on adding up and hence the calls for racism and bias start appearing. Hope you take this criticism in the right spirit and keep on standing up against all biased cricket boards not just the BCCI or srilankan boards.

    Finally thanks again for the reply and that made my day as a fan.

    • Jrod says:


      I’m not unbiased, I’m biased against the boards. Massively. Based on solid conclusions from having seen them worked and how they have treated me. But it still is a bias. If we’re going to believe ICC official statements, can we also believe in father christmas?

      The ECB/CA shenanigans are different, and harder to put a finger on. But if I had them as airtight as this BCCI one, I’d be all over them like a cheap suit. Hell, I plunged into CA over something trivial about Australia A last year, that for most people wasn’t even a story, but I thought they were treating their A cricketers like chumps, so I wrote about it.

      Everytime a rebel cricketer gets a new gig, it is embarrassing. People like you and I cringe, but Gatting has worked at the ECB for years. All the big name rebel cricketers have worked in cricket again. And not just administration and on field, they’ve worked in the media as well. They are lucky their crimes are seen as ancient history. But I’m not a MCC member, so they can appoint whoever they want.

      I will continue to knock Srini at every point. I don’t trust him. I don’t like what he does to cricket. I cannot wait for Jaitley. Jaitley brings hope for me. Because while Srini is there I have little hope for cricket. Srini is not just the face. I am sorry, but that is just massively wrong. He is right now as powerful a man cricket has ever had. He is cricket’s Don. The BCCI, like all the boards, have great administrators who work tirelessly for the game. My beef is rarely with the men and women who run the day to day operations of the game. Being that I am friends with people in most of the boards, they know this. Some don’t, and probably share your concern. But I don’t give a shit if I’m honest. I have never accused Srini of being a crook, I have no idea if he is or not. And I’ve never accused the BCCI of being crooks. Not in this piece or any other. Bullies I will continue to call them when I see bullying behaviour. You’re not part of the BCCI, you get no vote, you attend no meetings. You are a fan, and that means the BCCI never applies to you, the same way that CA is not in any way associated with me.

      On Giles Clarke, I think if you watch the trailer of my film, you will see that I don’t forget. However, Stanford was 5 years ago. Siva was this week. I don’t go back into history every time I write unless it’s needed for the piece. But if you want you can read this, where I did a little modern history lesson.

      On conflict of interest it will also be brought up in the film, but here is me talking about commentators with conflicts Mark, Roshan and Alec’s conflicts of interest.

      I don’t believe all the things are adding up, I believe you have just forgotten, or missed my work. I do stand up against all biased boards, if I see it, and can prove it, I write about it. Plain and simple. If I can’t, and there is so much I want to say that would land me in court, then I don’t. And I bite my tongue and wait for my chance.

      • davender says:

        Wow !! An exclusive reply to me. Chuffed to bits and forwarding it all my friends if you don’t mind ! I must have prayed to my gods well. In fact this controversy has caused me to chant Lakshman,Shiva,Rama and Krishna more times than I have ever done so there you go ,finally some good came out of it.

        I have also decided to trust you ( and only you ) on this controversy and will reserve my judgement on this issue till all the facts are brought out in the open.

        Still have one minor squabble with your points and which irks indian fans most I believe. Whenever any alleged BCCI wrongdoing happens and we point out that it was even worser in the past we are told that it is history and to get over it. Not saying that history should not be brought out always but is should serve as a reminder for finger pointers. I am aware that prior to 1996 there was not ONE not a single Asian member in the committee. Even after selecting Siva the number of Asian members has only gone upto 5 in the 16 member committee. Why is this point not being brought up to highlight the lack of racial diversity in the cricket committee instead of crying fowl over one addition.

        Anyways that’s a minor irritant and I know that the world would never become a utopia. Hope that everybody sees some light out of all this and with upstanding writiers like yourself all the issues relating to cricket are brought out in the open without any bias.

        A million, no a billion thanks again for your reply and best of luck to your film and all future ventures. God bless !!!

  10. rahul h says:


    This isn’t only directed at you but is a rant in general & seeing as how cricinfo is as biased as the best of them & wont publish this i’m posting here. also, you seem to be a bit more willing to listen to another POV. cricinfo with its huge anti-india bias in their reporting (especially from likes of George Dobell) thats getting worse with even the moderated comments section allowing tinted remarks but not publishing replies to them. & here I thought Widen was the Old Boys Club newsletter?

    the biggest critic of the BCCI are indian fans but the excessive bashing by the critics is getting old & taking colored overtones. i myself dont like many things they do but taking a look at other cricket boards in the world (& other sporting bodies in india) i feel at the very least they are the one-eyed man in a blind kingdom.

    BCCI get pilloried for being a “bully” & using their power but in the end they are looking after their own self interests. isnt that what everyone does? besides, what really damaging things have they done? BCCI was called all sorts of names during the MonkeyGate, Mike Denness, DRS & the pre-2003 WC contract signing affairs but they did all of those in defense of their players.

    for eg. the Mike Denness thing was so patently unfair & excessive that really only a racist could call for such punishments or agree with that severe a punishment for the kind of on-field behaviour that is seen in every match, when on the other hand a Glenn McGrath almost bites Sarwan’s head off & doesnt even get as much as a verbal reprimand.

    in MonkeyGate too the board was standing up for their players who thought they’d been wronged. if CA didnt stand by its players only because they were afraid of losing some money then I’m afraid that says more about their (lack of) integrity than BCCI ‘s.

    if you think that some of us who have commented here & elsewhere are seeing racism where none exists you only have to look at comments made by journos/fans/columnists from around the world to understand why. Calling N Srinivasan a “dangerous man” ?! I mean I dont like the guy but is he an Al Qaeda operative?! Harsha Bhogle makes an innocent comment & a colleague of yours calls a whole culture into question. & then, when he gets a very mild reply, accuses the other party of picking a fight!

    so you see when a huge thing is being made about a small issue, & where people are talking up Tim May as though he’s some sort of Messiah who would’ve saved cricket if he was only given the chance, you can understand where some of us are coming from.

    /end rant


  11. Haekeye says:

    Well, you make fun of Srini more often – even when current week hasnt any new misdemeanour by him coming to light.
    Plus, I need to see you writing abotu ECB shenaignans in Cricinfo – i doubt if they’ll publish (I have no doubt you’lll write)

    Maybe you rpoint is that ECB are smart enough to hide theire shenaignans but I think Srini is no more despicable then Clarke(not michael, GIles). ANd he doesn get enough negative press.

    I am no fan of Srini and I even believe IPL itself is fixed in his team’s favour and I dont trust DHoni either – his Rhiti Sports candidates get selected for India even when they dont much of note. I hope you one day find about Dhoni’s shenaignans as well.

    But fact is so far only Srini/BCCI have been talked about by you as evil most often – maybe they are the most powerful but this plays into the hands of ECB/aCB who are eaually evil. and you need to say it often

    As a first step, let me see if cricinfo pubishes any article exposing ECB/ACB even if you write it,

    • Jrod says:


      There were probably more George Bush jokes than Tony Blair jokes during the Iraq war. But we have done a series of Gileswatch on the two chucks.

      BCCI don’t really care if they get caught or not, or abused or not, or bad press or not. Real power means you can not give a shit about what others think of you.

      As a first step I’ll continue to write what I want, when I want. My bosses don’t tell me what to write, so I’ll have a similar relationship with the readers, except with fewer meetings.


      Before my piece was written. I saw dozens of tweets, emails and facebook messages that suggested cricinfo was pro the BCCI. After my piece we were anti the BCCI. Which probably means we are doing our jobs and people who already have opinions don’t like it when we write the opposite. George Dobell has less bias than any man I have ever met. If he needed bias to walk, I doubt he could get off his chair.

      The whole “it’s ok to look after your own self interests” bullshit is what’s eating cricket from the inside.

      The rest of your comment has nothing to do with me, and as such I read every fourth word while my brown son vomited on me.


      You should trust me, and only me. Now take off your pants and send me a photo of your cock.

      I think I should be able to beat up Englishmen as payback for the way my irish forefathers were treated. But then I think, actually, the world has moved on, and here I am, doing pretty well in the present. And if I were to punch englishmen for their forefathers crimes, I’d find it pretty hard to justify it to myself, let alone a jury of my peers. History is great, but it doesn’t give you licence to fuck up in the present. And I say that as a pinky commie lefto.

      This will be my last comment on this post. Not because I don’t love you all (as we all know I got into cricket writing as I wasn’t being called a racist enough in my normal life), but because I have other shit to do.

  12. HawkEye says:

    Well, I suppose it isnt your job to call out the ECB/ACB shenaignans often enough. You choose your targets.

    I hope some day, some one more articulate than me exposes the ECB/ACB, English Journalists Railing Against BCCI But Licking ECB Asses( Sike Melvey for instance), Old Imperialists Trying the “BCCI is Evil” route to regain their power – I hope these get exposed by your brown equivalent(with a white son, maybe).

    Until then, goodbye to your blog.

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