The homework hit on Watson – with Gideon Haigh

Whether we want to or not, Gideon Haigh and I end up talking about Shane Watson.

Usually, it is not that interesting.

I’m not saying this is interesting, it is for once actual news.

Listen here for many more minutes of thought that you need to send a text to your coach.



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5 thoughts on “The homework hit on Watson – with Gideon Haigh

  1. Mick says:

    Good discussion of #homeworkgate but you and Gideon neglected the actual 2nd Test entirely, especially the selection debacle. Was the team selection already then compromised by what was to follow? Would Johnson/ Khawaja have played instead of Doherty/ Maxwell(?) if there was no underlying problem about to explode?

  2. […] homework task? Were they children? (As King Cricket has later argued, yes, yes they are.) Haigh on a Cricket with Balls podcast described it as a ‘hit’ on Watson, an extreme reaction to a minor issue, used […]

  3. live score says:

    Well one feels very sad for a player like Shane Watson who is very very talented and a very good player but I don’t know what has happened to him as he is not performing well for some good six months.But I am sure that his time is again coming soon and I think that he will come back to form in this ongoing series against India.

  4. Jayman says:

    Just curious as to why comments close. Seems that some of the best (well, anomalistic) comments seem to come days to weeks after the post is written. In recent times, Mujahid’s disgruntlement at being forcibly eye-raped by your blog, and Asif and Jogesh’s antinationalist diatribes appeared long after the original post. I feel my late night trawling of old posts looking to giggle at strange comment(er)s would be more fruitful if the comments section remained open.

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