Australian in game rotations against India with Gideon Haigh

MS Dhoni is better than Australia.

Moises Henriques has heavy sure feet.

James Pattinson needs resting from resting.

Fawad Ahmed is awesome.

Victoria are not.

There is nothing in Australian cricket that can’t be fixed by footy.

Listen here.

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3 thoughts on “Australian in game rotations against India with Gideon Haigh

  1. live score says:

    I don’t think MS Dhoni is better then Australia and once again disagree that Fawad Ahmad is awesome. However this link is very funny and excited.

  2. Ahmed is jolly well awesome! Fact! Cant wait to see his googlys down under!

  3. Pegalite says:

    JRod the point you and Gideon brought up about the influence AFL in Cricket administration I think is very apt. Something I’ve always thought has carried over from the AFL as well is in selection. AFL as a sport due to having a maximum squad, limited Free Agency and a draft system encourages coaches and managers to try out young players to see how they react or play at the highest level, just as there has been a trend to filter out older possibly marginal players for youth. This thinking seems to filter in to cricket for no particular reason as far as I can see. The Australian Test cricket team you would assume would comprise of the best players knocking about in Shield but this clearly isn’t so despite Mickey Arthur claiming that the current top 6 are Australia’s best batsmen available. David Hussey is a proven performer, Stephen OKeefe has been talked about for some time, I would even throw Adam Voges name in the mix. I assume this was what the Argus report was trying to point out Glenn Maxwell to me seemed one these Greg Chappell-esque selections where someone is tried out to see how he goes at the top level. It goes without saying that in the situation as it is currently in India that you would prefer having an old head coming in rather than thowing Usman Khawaja in the deep end. I could keep going but I think you get the drift.
    Any thoughts regarding the link?

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