make yourself a digital cricket god

You’re on this site, so there are two things I know about you:

You like cricket.
You are a nerd.

This means you are the perfect person for a cricket game.

Luckily, there is a new cricket game, it is called Official Ashes 2013 cricket game.

With a name like that you probably get what this is.

As a man who has played many a cricket game, I am excited.

My cricket gaming experience can be summed up easily.

Allan Border’s cricket, which required bowling swing that started off the pitch, through to EA cricket which had fielders that could be propelled like Kieron Pollard on speed, Shane Warne’s game allowed you to be Don Bradman without the effortless arrogance and eventually to wii Cricket, in which any shot could go for six, even by accident, and I once sprained my wrist bowling legspin.

So I know my games, and I don’t know this game, as my free copy has not arrived yet.

But I do know this, this game needs you.

Why, as a marketing gimmick, but what a marketing gimmick.

You are your club can be inserted into the game, and you can play home matches at your home ground.

I know.

Now this can only happen if you are from England (I assume Wales as well) or Australia, but it’s an Ashes game, so that makes sense.

If you’re part of an Australian cricket club, like say Coburg Cricket Club, apply here.

If you’re part of an English cricket club, like say Barnes Cricket Club, apply here.

Now, you’re probably a bit shit at cricket, or old, or fat, possibly dealing with a case of scurvy, so you are never going to get your own avatar on a computer game, which is why any of us really live, so these game people are really helping you out.

I assume for this write up I get a free copy of the game, and my own character in the game.

Every cricket game needs as many right arm inconsistent leg spinner and largely ineffectual sloggers as it can.


2 thoughts on “make yourself a digital cricket god

  1. Shut up and take my money! (the game, not you JRod)

  2. Banjo777 says:

    Cricket games reallly need to learn from Tiger Woods games. You should be able to play as an individual as well as the team. Imagine a career mode where you start out as a young batsman and have to work your way up from club cricket to 1st class then Tests. It would take out the boredom of playing a whole could simply accelerate time when you’re not on strike or when you get out. Thoughts?

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