when i sat on a digital cricket couch

Subash from the cricket couch has a bit of a crush on me.

It’s kind of sweet, really.

This is my 4th time on his podcast, and considering Rahul Dravid has only been on once, you can see where he places me in the pantheon of cricket royalty.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

It mostly goes like this,

“Subash Jayaraman– Hello and Welcome to Couch Talk. Today’s guest is Jarrod Kimber of Cricket with Balls, Two Chucks and Cricinfo. We will be talking about the over all performance of the Australian team in 2012, the big retirements and the promising debuts, the enigma that is Shane Watson and look ahead what seems to be quite a busy year in 2013.
Welcome to the show, Jarrod.

Jarrod Kimber- Thank you very much.

SJ- This is your 4th time on Couch Talk. I’ve asked Channel Nine to make a commemorative mug that Mark Taylor will be plugging during the Commonwealth Bank ODI series.

JK- The BullShitter. “Available in a special print of only 10844.” Every one of them will have a piece of my DNA, but you won’t know which piece.”

Read the full transcript here.

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One thought on “when i sat on a digital cricket couch

  1. D says:

    J-rod! I haven’t written in ages, but congratulations for everything.

    Freddie was tons better than Watto, though.

    True test of an allrounder: what would have happened if they had pursued their less favoured discipline exclusively?’

    I’m still not sure which discipline (test edition) Watterz is less worse at. While he is more or less complete rubbish as a bowler, he manages to induce ridiculously suicidal shots from top quality players, shots they’d never try against anyone else. He has managed to get Kallis and Tendulkar numerous times, regardless of the fact that he pretty much sucks quite a lot. Is this a unique talent?

    On the other hand, imagine how much you would have hated Kallis if he decided to become a wicked swing bowler instead of the Probototype. They might have even beaten New Zealand in that WC semi.

    Fred, I think, would have made a good quality test batsman easily, considering how much more emphasis he gave to his bowling. Also, aside from having destroyed his body by landing on his ankle repeatedly, I think his response to the English fans’ desire for a “New Botham” probably hindered the development of his batting. Entertaining the crowd was as important to his identity as a cricketer as actually scoring. But one can’t really criticize, given the way he bowled. Also, he timed the ball better than watterz, and I’m a sucker for great timing.

    If Watto gets a hundred in England, I’ll shave my dogs ass and teach it to walk backwards. An innings like Flintoff’s at Trent Bridge ’05 is probs not within his capabilities.

    p.s. I don’t have a dog.

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