sitting in a bar discussing England’s 2012

Cricinfo has a podcast that discusses English cricket called switch hit.

Occasionally I am on it.

For the final one in the year we went to a loud bar in Brum and we talked about the entire year in English cricket.

It features Jonathan Harris-Bass, George Dobell, David Hopps, Andrew McGlashan and Alex Winter.

It also features David Hopps singing.

If you’re team England, or just interested in white men sitting around a table in a pub talking cricket, this might be the podcast for you.

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3 thoughts on “sitting in a bar discussing England’s 2012

  1. Fucking English! The only reason they loved Adelaide is because it reminded them of England, or better yet, Australia as a dominion. Heaven forbid the filthy colonists actually build big shady, white, well ventilated buildings that suits sitting around in 35 degrees. Even then, two thirds of the ‘historic’ stands they pulled down were built since 1990 and even as a construction site, it’s still got about 2000 more square metres of hill than any major English ground.

    • GerransMonkey says:

      what about the vast majority of Australian cricket fans who didn’t want to see it taken down – what’s their excuse?

  2. khelmart says:

    I must say nowadays … Australia Cricket teem is no where in-front of English Cricket Team..
    English Players are playing so well.
    Recently in in India they proved there self in turning track.

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