Gideon Haigh and I talking shit about South Africa and Australia

For the summer, the Gideon Haigh is going to be joining me for some chats about Australia vs South Africa, and then Sri Lanka.

If you like Gideon Haigh or I, you can listen in, if not, you can’t.

In the first episode I call Shane Watson a big head and Gideon speaks in latin.

Listen here.

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4 thoughts on “Gideon Haigh and I talking shit about South Africa and Australia

  1. Jon Norman says:

    Two of my favourite Australians? Together? Talking about how poor the Aussies are? For free? Oh boy, this is the good stuff.

  2. jogesh99 says:

    Fuck, Smith is screwed, he now knows that the Aussies know that they can get him LB. Masters of the mind-game, them Aussies! Always have been. From the days of the redoubtable Waugh,who Ganguly crapped psychologically over so completely that Waugh had to whine about it in true-yellow Aussie style in his book), up to today.

  3. jogesh99 says:

    And that half-wit Swann let out another secret – England can’t not play spin, they just can’t play mystery spin.
    So Warne, Murali, Kumble, will all have to be reclassified as mystery spinners. Well maybe not Warne, but surely those darkies and their oriental witchcraft – sneaky bastards.

  4. rossvslater says:

    Great podcast & great listening. Interesting to hear your thoughts on Shane Watson

    It seems like he is better suited to the shorter forms of the game. His temperament and his mental approach and insecurities at test level seem to hold him back from achieving the most he can.

    He seems to have no such issues in the shorter forms – witness his performance at the World T20.

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