England are better, Australia are back to back

England are the world’s best women cricket team.

They have shown this by regularly slapping the ass off anyone who crosses their path.

If women’s cricket teams were villages, England would’ve burned them all fucken down.

Sarah Taylor is a fucken superstar.

Katherine Brunt is really good.

And they have a team of spinners that eats up wickets around the world.

Today they lost.

To Australia.

In a final.


I’ve lost all sorts of sporting matches in my life.  Sometimes we’ve been lucky to be there, sometimes we’ve been as good as the opposition, and sometimes we’ve been better and played really shit.

England did the last one.

They’re not massively better than Australia, but they are better.

And that is what would hurt.

Not getting to within six runs off the last ball only to drip it along the surface. That they were even in that situation to begin with.

England didn’t really seemed to be playing Australia at all, they seemed to be playing against the run rate and the pressure.

And one worried them and one shat on them.

People often say, the best side won.

But, while Australia were the best side on the day, they don’t really look like the best side altogether.

Australia saved their freak out for so late in the game that it didn’t matter, just.

It is almost important at this point to say two things, Australia have won two thirds of all Women World T20s.

And that Jess Cameron is from Victoria.

Result: Back to back, baby.

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