india get faffed

Before tonight I often thought Faf DuPlessis’ best performance was in ABD’s music video.

Tonight I saw a whole new side to the man.

Faf’s entire career before this had clearly been to lull India into a false sense of security and then pounce when they feared it the least. He was a Pakistani sleeper agent. Which shows how sneaky these Pakistanis are, they left him in a rival team, and then lost to India on purpose just to set all this up.

It’s also entirely possible, although not as likely, that Faf was always this good and on every other occasion I’ve seen him at the highest level he’s just fucked up.

What a time to come good, not good enough to win a match, but good enough to annoy a billion people at once.

I’d love to annoy a billion people at once.

That’s something.

You don’t get a trophy or a cheque, but man, you have pissed off some bastards.

And that aint nothing.

India were really good, really bad, occasionally fucken unreal, occasionally shit on a pointy stick. They gave us everything and nothing at the same time. But by winning they made Lalit Modi happier.

But on a night like this there is really nothing more you can do than sit back and enjoy the sweet sound of cricket.

Result: India not superpower. Yuvi defeats Ravi. And South Africa still lose.

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