I find goodbyes rather awkward.

Rarely have I been good at them.

Other people often get them right, I either leave abruptly and do it wrong, or I hang around and make everyone feel like I may never leave.

To say a goodbye you need a good closing line, and even if I find one, I’ll step on it or say a 2nd closing line that ruins the first.

Ireland leaves abruptly, although, it’s not their fault.

Their like the people you never really got to know, but bonded quite well with, but when you look for them to say goodbye, someone tells you they left earlier.

Even though they haven’t made a big impact on you, you feel like you missed out on the closure.

This goodbye would have been awkward, because you can’t defend 129 in 19 overs on a good pitch with your best bowler emptying every piece of fluid he has out of his bowels in the team hotel. You just can’t.

But we got no goodbye at all. We couldn’t even jokingly call Johnston a minnow as we shook his hand, or call suggest that Porterfield stop facing the new ball, they’re just gone.

Covered in Sri Lankan rain and Irish vomit they head for the airport.

See, that’s probably what you shouldn’t say in a goodbye.

Result: You got to say look at the O’Briens for a couple of overs. And Chris Gayle danced.

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