Bangladesh narrowly beat Prince Brendon

The IPL was not built by Brendon McCullum, that was the scheme of Lalit Modi.

But McCullum’s role in opening the tournament with a hundred was pretty important. There were no opening night jitters for him, the gold pads at the non-strikers end did not blind, he simply smashed the shit out of the ball remarkably well.

McCullum always bats like he’s angry with life, and especially the ball. He carves, slaps and beats it.

Today, he did that to Bangladesh.

If McCullum sniffs a weak attack, they’re often cactus. The better sides might let him get away, but they often stop him before it’s terminal. Ordinary sides seem to do nothing to stop him.

I liked Bangladesh under Jamie Siddons, they were accountable to a violent looking scary guy, and it seemed to at the very least stop them from days like this happening often.

This was the first game between the Test playing nations, and Bangladesh managed to make New Zealand look better than butter, even with James Franklin playing the anchor role. On today’s evidence, in a tri series between Bangladesh, Ireland and Afghanistan in any format of cricket, they’d be lucky to make the final.

We all have bad days ofcourse, I had to go back to my hotel room 4 times this morning because I kept forgetting things.

It’s just that on Bangladesh’s bad day it can often look like they never left their hotel.

Result: Crashraful second top scored for Bangladesh, no one was seriously injured and Bangladesh lasted longer in the tournament than Zimbabwe.

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3 thoughts on “Bangladesh narrowly beat Prince Brendon

  1. Nick says:

    He can score like tht only against teams like Bangladesh, Zim etc. b/w why u always call him prince? Lol

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