Two chucks at World t20 day 3

We’ve got Shapoor. SHAPOOR.

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2 thoughts on “Two chucks at World t20 day 3

  1. Angy says:

    Yes, racing. More of that. Also split screen it.

    Shahzad wasn’t a Sith, the smile and pose was exactly Kit Fisto in Ep 2.

    I’m not sure if I understand speed guns at all. Watson bowled half a dozen bouncers last night and as far as I can tell most of them were 79-80 mph without a single one being a joke ball.

    I remember in 2011 some players, like Lee, looked fast enough without registering any heat on the radar; but at the same time the T20s were as fast as I’ve seen John Hastings bowl.

    I also loved the gratuitous arse shot of Yuvraj.

    I don’t know why he wears a hat now, but I like it. Is it because he has finally learned that not having a hat was holding him back from success as a cricket pundit?


  2. Uday says:

    I have always wanted to ask this. Who is the guy wearing the Two Chucks mascot suit? Is it Sam? The height seems about right to be Sam.

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