The Ray Price is not right

I love Ray Price.

As do you.

His face has got quite a special anger about it. Even through a tv he punches you in the face.

That’s special.

Here is a man who survives by being mean, it’s not about talent, just meanness.

I love him, have I said that already?

But he’s gone.

From this tournament, maybe from our lives forever. Maybe he’ll scratch around in some international matches we won’t watch.

And then he’ll be a bowling coach in some english county that doesn’t exist.

But it’s not the same.

I’m a bit sad.

Result: Ray Price is leaving Sri Lanka, and my heart. It’s over. Over. I’ll cry angry tears tonight.

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3 thoughts on “The Ray Price is not right

  1. Ian says:

    Those 0.07 games for Worcestershire were heady days

  2. Smudgeon says:

    Ahhh, Ray Price: speaks like a poet, bowls like a boxer.

    Ray’s best feature is his ability to make the batsman think he could walk up to them and break his foot off in their arse at any point. Just because. We could do with him at the Aus cricket academy – all our spinners follow through with a face like a slapped arse – not enough mongrol.

  3. SMUDGEON says:

    When I say “mongrol” (yeah, it’s misspelt), I mean “insane motherfucker”.

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