ireland are coy

Limited Overs rankings mean even less than the difference between egg white and off white.

They are less important than choosing the right public toilet or which seat you pick in a café playing 80s tunes.

For Ireland, they have also fucked them up.

Usually the Ireland team would come in as the happy barely talked about underdog.  Especially with Afghanistan taking all the feel good stories away from them.

This time, they came in ranked above Australia.

It means sweet fuck all as suggested earlier, unless you are the tiny little minnow who is peering down at Australia.  For Ireland it meant constant mentions in the press, added pressure and perhaps for the first time an expectation that they won’t be shit.

Today they were.

I saw them in the team hotel before hand, they looked like they were about to shit themselves, or were in fact doing it in front of me.

It’s a big stage, and for once, the light was on them, they didn’t just crawl up from the orchestral pit.

You can talk about their plucky fight with their tail, or how they got through to the Australian middle order, but really, they were shit.

Ireland have spent heaps of time preparing for this series, their last with a decent fast bowler, and to end up being punched in the face repeatedly by Warner and Watson must have been a pain.

There will be other games, or game, for them to redeem themselves.

Australia did what they had to do in this game, but they’ll know it means nothing.

Their middle order wasn’t tested, which is probably what they needed more than anything else.  Beating up Trent Johnston is not telling us much.

Their bowlers could have delivered vanilla cupcakes and got wickets with the plethora of fecal shots from the Ireland batsmen.

Result: Ireland do considerable dishonour to the ICC rankings, but Gary Wilson abuses David Warner.  So it’s a tie.

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