how shapoor are India?

Hands are made for self love and putting together things you’ve bought at Ikea.

In cricket, they are also used to catch the cricket ball when the striking batsman has lofted it.  In the case of Afghanistan, hands are made for deflecting the ball oddly and then placing on your head to show your anguish.

On the flight on the way over I watched the Road to the World T20 thingy that the ICC made about the minnows trip to the big show.

This video showed about 1539 occasions of Afghani players clean bowling random batsmen with pace or swing.  It didn’t show many catches.  I thought this was because they didn’t need to catch the ball, but now I see it might just have been because they lacked the hand eye coordination and soft cupping technique to pouch them.

Had they taken any of the 73 or so they seemed to drop, India might have had some trouble in this match. Not trouble, trouble, but trouble nonetheless.

As it turned out it was a decent work out for India as the Afghanis were like that bloke at a party you can’t stand, they wouldn’t go away.

So far in their development that Afghanis haven’t mastered batting, but hitting, oh hitting they do.  They all seem obsessed with Dhoni, and that’s no bad thing.  It’s 11 excitable tailenders, like if we cloned Staurt MacGill and Murali and let them bat together over and over again.

India should have shut them down a bit more efficiently, and those nervous about the bowlers will be nervous about the bowlers.

Except for Yuvraj who tricked the Afghanis with his club cricket bowling.  That’s their fatal flaw, not enough club cricket.

India work their way well into tournaments, so maybe that was this.  Or perhaps they were all trying to work out at once how the IPL would be blamed for all of this.

Of all three major sides so far, India were the least impressive, or Afghanistan the most impressive of the minnows.  It means India is the only team that had a good run out and went through all their options.  That’s a good thing, unless their options turn out to be rubbish.

It’s also quite clear to me now that there is no way England can beat Afghanistan.  They’ll walk right into that Afghani helicopter.

Result: Shapoor is an impressive slab of man with Shoaib’s Hair and cold dead eyes.  And thanks to Yuvraj we now know that shitty left arm spin is not affected by chemo.

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3 thoughts on “how shapoor are India?

  1. Rajesh says:

    Shitty left arm spin rules the T20 world. Has been proven time and again. According to calculations by Goldman Sachs, a team with 5 left arm spinners/pie chuckers/dart throwers will dismiss any opposition of primarily right handed batsmen for an average score of 94.6 in a T20 game.

  2. Angy says:

    There are some immense club heroes in that Afghan side. In the innings I’ve seen, I can’t remember Nabi playing a shot that isn’t 4, 6 or 0. If Shahzad made a 50, one would be left in a sticky puddle of confused excitement. The game also saw Najibullah Zadran debut in T20Is as a specialist number 9 batsman. I’m also kinda disappointed Hamid Hassan hasn’t played; perhaps they did go easy on India.

  3. jogesh99 says:

    The Afghans should at the very least gang-bugger pretty boy Stu-wart, after all, he and Papa Broad are textbook 19th C colonialists in their new guise – the Coalition of the willing.

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