Zimbabwe v Mendis

I stayed in Colombo for the first game because Hambantota is fucken miles from anywhere, and why would you travel for 12 hours to see Sri Lanka play a bye? You wouldn’t, especially if you’ve ever been to Hambantota before like I have. I preferred to stay in the smoky confines of the cricket club cafe etching a plate of “Gooch’s fish and chips”.

Zimbabwe fielded like a team who had never noticed how hard a cricket ball was before. What was going on, it looked like a team trying to give the themselves a few more to chase in a practice match. Even Kamran Akmal would have mocked them.

Their bowling was missing a Ray Price or three. Zimbabwe is a team your local cricket side could play against, and upon seeing them warm up, you’d think there was nothing to worry about.

Then they played A Mendis, and it seemed unfair to refer to this as a match.

I still stand by my assertion that Mendis a genius if you haven’t played him, and a shit version of Chris Harris if you have and worked him out.

Zimbabwe looked like they were a 90 year old grandfather who had been told to operate dos through his MacBook pro.

And even the other Mendis, the very part time leggie, was unplayable. Ervine and Cremer played the J Mendis wrong’un like he’d never even heard of the concept, and he bowls them himself. It was gornography, it wasn’t a spin master class, it was like dipping a goat in a tub of lye.

Jeevan M, won’t be much of the factor with the ball later in the tournament. And I doubt Ajantha M will even pay if it’s a semi or final against a team that has worked him out, which is most of them.

Zimbabwe looked as bad as Elton’s balls down the legside, The firm of Mendis and Mendis made their stats look good, but Sri Lanka could have phoned this in and still won easy.

The biggest story was KP. His studio work is shockingly good. He’s likeable, says interesting stuff, and makes Wasim Akram look like a desi George Clooney.

Result: KP and Mendis’s bowling figures win easily. This was a banana skin game, after all.

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  1. cricketnns says:

    LMAO, “even Kamran Akmal would have mocked them”! :)

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