Stuart Broad makes people laugh at World T20 tournaments

As already alluded to in the previous post, Stuart Broad does funny shit at World T20s.

Broad was the man who justified Yuvraj Singh’s ego. And I do mean justify it, it was already there, it just gave Yuvi, and it, more reason to glow.

Then there was the 17 fielding errors in one over to lose a match against a minnow.  It’s probably not the last youtube video I’d watch before an apocalypse, but the memories of Broad flailing around like he was trying to grab oiled up otters was one of the greatest cricket moments I’ve ever seen live.

This year, Broad the improvisor has started well, who knows what he will do on the field. but off the field, boy can he answer a fucking phone.


And I should say, that having had this happen to me, and other people (One guy seemed to have a wailing goat ringtone), Broad handled it better than he did the ball against the Dutch.

Ofcourse, before the apocalypse I would watch this.

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2 thoughts on “Stuart Broad makes people laugh at World T20 tournaments

  1. Someone needs to pay the stadium DJ to play the Benny Hill theme every time Broad is in action.

  2. jogesh99 says:

    Papa Broad an even bigger loser than Baby Broad.
    He even adjudicates in matches his son plays in, because sunny boy will otherwise get beat up in the playground.
    And whitey don’t got no conflict of interest, since he be intrinsically honest.

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