Death of a Gentleman: the promo

So we’re making this film, and it’ll be out in May 2013. Here is the promo for it, it’s not a railer, or a teaser, but more the thing we’re dangle in front of people who wear suits and so forth in the hope they’ll give us lots of cash or employ someone to start designing DVD covers.


5 thoughts on “Death of a Gentleman: the promo

  1. AB says:

    arggh.. so now I gotta wait till ’13. sigh.. Hope the ‘real’ game survives till then!
    PS: looks like a damn good effort!

  2. YesKallam says:

    Waiting anxiously on what aspects you guys touch up on… In the mean time let’s just hope we get to see some quality Cricket…

  3. Paranoid says:

    Looks awesome! Post trailer/clips if you can to help the wait!

  4. Nick says:

    just superbbbbbbb trailer my man. I havnt been on this site fo some time now but gonna have to be regular again. Tbh i dint like the very first promo u guys put it on youtube but this on is just awesome. cant wait fo this dvd. I hope its atleast 2 hrs long

  5. Rory says:

    Best of luck gents! Looks cracking!

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