KP to divorce his parents

Recently I heard Michael Holding say that the players are the children and boards are the parents. It had nothing to do with Kevin Pietersen or the ECB, but was about the disastrous relationship the WICB have with their senior players.

Cricket Boards are usually run by older people, those with business or sports administration backgrounds. That, and their role as employer of the players, gives them a position an authority.

So when these very same people then spill the secrets of one of their own players for political or personal reasons, they should take the toughest fall.

KP has often been a bit of an idiot. He’s an egotist. He likes money. Thinks of himself and his own interests more than most in a team environment. And does things on instinct. The ego, instinct and even the selfish nature of KP are part of what makes him a great batsman. He’s far from the first great selfish batsman, in fact many of the greatest batsmen have obvious selfish tendencies. As many of the greatest cricketers have amazingly big egos. And instinctively doing things is how many athletes live.

But when KP walked into the ECB to speak about anything from captaincy issues, his future in the game or taking time off, no matter how stupid he was, no matter how insane and egotistical his claims were, he was within his right to believe that they stayed with his employers.

They haven’t been. Over and over again, KP’s words have been fed to the media and not by the deputy deputy assistant to the travelling secretary, but by people in high positions that should know and act better. Perhaps we should give them the benefit of the doubt, and say that the leaks are accidental. It’s just that they happen over and over again, and so it’s either unprofessional accidental conduct, or a personal campaign against their own player.

While it’s true KP is trying to – in his words- maximise his opportunities, its not new. Money has always been a factor in cricket. Cricket’s laws were founded on gambling. Amateurs were often paid more than professionals. Cricketers used to retire to get real jobs. Kerry Packer and rebel tours came about because of vast sums of money. And the latest instalment is when a player retires from test cricket, or international cricket, to play in the IPL. If anything, KP is following in the footsteps of more than a few greats of the past.

Players have missed tours or tests for resting, rehab, depression, family reasons, and even pantomimes. In the past, players would miss Tests just because they didn’t want to go to the sub continent. Rodney Hogg liked being 12th man because he got paid the same and had more time to drink.

Even the rift in the changeroom is nothing new. England changerooms were segregated between amatuer and pro, and old and new players. Big game players who cause a rift are not new either. Shane Warne openly didn’t rate his coach and had a private feud with his vice captain Adam Gilchrist. All players, regardless of their ability, need to be treated differently. The star of Swanny’s diary is probably treated differently than Tim Bresnan.

Of recent times I’ve seen KP’s two greatest hundreds. A hundred in P Sara that gave England the chance to draw a series from behind. And this hundred at Headingley. There is no back up player that England have, or even current player, that has the ability to change a game so violently or anywhere near as fast. KP is something special.

He’s also a professional athlete who only has so many years to make money from his trade. A young dad who wants to see his son. A cricketer who doesn’t like ODI cricket that much. And a rash human being who makes his fair share of mistakes.

KP is not unique, he’s just acted like a spoilt teenager who has been betrayed by his parents.

Both sides want what is best for themselves. Both sides have made mistakes. Both sides have egos and pride. I mean it’s hard to say KP’s ego is the only factor when the other side have Giles Clarke. What needs to happen now is a series of meetings with those inside keeping the information to themselves and trying to find a solution, not make scapegoats.

If KP stops playing for England, he robs himself of glory, the ECB rob themselves of a champion player, and the fans are robbed of something special.

KP leaving Test cricket for good is the worst situation for everyone involved, so why would anyone want that?

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15 thoughts on “KP to divorce his parents

  1. davender says:

    The fact of the matter is that he is an outsider who have never been appreciated by the english media and ex cricketers.Same thing happened with ramprakash,hick,devon malcom and with players of asian heritage like ravi bopara,owais shah,monty panesar.Its because they are different and play the game in an unenglish way.However,none of the above was mentally strong enough and they got caught in the english politics.James taylor 34 has been appreciated so much that i thought he had scored 334 while the likes of bopara,monty get chucked out of the team at the slightest hint of failure.

    KP on the other hand is a superstar.He earns megabucks for his talent and performance and the english media have not been able to bring down his performance by their mental war against him.I think apart from footballers no other sportsperson has faced such hatred from his so called own people and still went out and performed.Hats off to him !!!

    The jealousy element of not earning mega bucks is not just from ex players but also from the current players who are not picked ever at the ipl auction.I have suspicions that the dressing room tensions which KP alluded to are orchestrated by Swann and anderson with strauss and flower being the ringmasters.

    KP has the right to feel discriminated because other players have been allowed to pick and choose series.The biggest example being the captain himself strauss skipping the tour to bangladesh.

    KP should throw the english contract at the face of flower and say no thanks.It will be a loss for test cricket but will really show the poms who the real matchwinner is .And more power to the Delhi daredevils.Come on the Double D’s !!!!

  2. I have some sympathy with Pietersen, but this latest story (if true) about fake Twitter accounts is making me wonder what the hell is really going on?

    I’m sure that the only other England player of recent vintage who has decided to leave himself out of a tour was Strauss. Who are these other players who have been allowed to pick and choose what series they play in Davender?

    Discriminated at, I’m not buying that. Jealousy of him, possibly. And whoever is apparently leaking the stories, that is also out of order.

    Fake twitter accounts, KP needs to grow up and get over it.

    ECB need to show leadership and sort it out properly. And both sides look like they need to grow up a bit and stop being so stubborn.

  3. davender says:

    Sorry dear it means that you didn’t see the last west indies test where onions,steve finn played.As for strauss there were no complaints of not choosing one form of the game as he was not playing t20 cricket while still captaining the one day side.However,if KP wants to do that then ECB rules and regulations come in place.Makes you wonder why ????

    • Oh dear, I actually did see the West Indies test in which Onions and co played in, I’m well aware of that one. It was the test in which the selectors left out a couple of players.

      I asked you which players (other than Strauss in Bangladesh) have been allowed to pick and chose which series they played in? As I’m not aware of any others to date.

      I also think you may find Strauss wasn’t regarded good enough for the T20 team, as opposed to him choosing not to play in it. And was the rule in place back then anyway?

      • davender says:

        Why don’t you go and check out how many players decided not to tour the subcontinent teams in the past ? The answer to your question regarding which player would come from there.Jimmy anderson has been rested from a couple of ODI series as well.

        As for strauss not being considered not good enough for T20 is irrelevant.A rule cannot be different for different players.Strauss not being good enough has no credence as he was not even maintaining the pretence of playing in domestic T20’s.He was allowed that freedom as well on top of being selected in one short format while not playing the other which is the same thing as KP wants.No discrimination eh ????

        If that rule was not there before KP’s demand then it again points out to my earlier theory of flower and strauss masterminding KP’s exit from the team.Why else would that rule be brought forward now if that was not there earlier.

      • Tybalt says:

        Just to confirm then Davender, your answer is “I don’t know”, right? Thought so.

  4. crownish says:

    Missing Tests against NZ is a no brainer, I don’t see why KP should be allowed that. Then again, England really suck if they need Pietersen to beat NZ.

  5. davender says:

    Has KP himself ever said that he wants to miss the NZ tests ??? I don’t think so.So is this information also a part of the classified leaks related to KP that keep coming in the media by the ECB to tarnish his image ???

    The NZ series could be better used to blood new players easily as most of NZ marquee players would themselves be playing in the IPL and as such there is no problem if KP wants to skip it.His captain strauss has already set a precedent by missing the bangladesh series earlier.Why should rules be different for KP and strauss ?

    • Struass masterminding KP’s exit from the team! What utter garbage!

      Are you also saying that this one-day format rule was brought in especially for KP?

      Don’t get your answers about Struass not being good enough for T20 being irrelevant. Also, if the rule wasn’t there at the time what do you expect them to do. Are you saying that that is another anti KP rule? What do you think would of been fair? Creating the ruling before T20 existed.

      Don’t get your answers at all. You’ve come on here stating England players have done this and ECB have done that without checking any facts. You theories are unfounded and absolute garbage.

      Every one is entitled to an opinion, No problem there. But you are stating false facts about England.

      ECB are out of order in way they have handled whole affair. Out of order for leaking stories. But the whole essence of the problem is they treat every player the same, that is what Pietersen’s grudge is about. Rather than letting one player act differently under terms of his contract.

      It was you who said that England players pick and choose what tours they go on, not me. So your answer to that question is again wrong. No England player other than Strauss (in consultation with ECB) has recently said “I’m not touring” as you are saying has happened with your remark about other England players picking and choosing their tours.

      If the selectors leave them out for resting or whatever other reasons, then that’s different. The suspicion is that Pietersen wants to skip a part of, or all of a series to play IPL. That’s different. No one else has done that from England.

      And actually Pietersen said in a radio interview about a month back that he would like to play a whole season of IPL. So if that isn’t indicating that he would like to miss some or all of the NZ series, then what is?

      You seem to be believing that there is some sort of anti Pietersen bias and that ECB are inventing and twisting rules to make his life difficult. Absolute garbage. I do think they all don’t get on, and that England are getting sick off him. But that’s totally different to your conspiracy theories.

      You’ll be telling us next that ECB are behind a conspiracy to say that KP shot JFK. Stop living in fantasy land.

      • davender says:

        Sorry dear,but i never said that Strauss alone is masterminding KP’s departure.It is flower,strauss,swann and his cronies,Flower was moores assistant when both KP and moores were sacked from their respective positions and flower has never taken to KP easily.If not for KP’s talent he would have been thrown out by now.

        Also,as per you T20 was not there when strauss was playing ODI’s as you said in the line ” Creating the ruling before T20 existed.”It is totally fase and utter garbage.Maybe you need to have a recheck on your cricketing knowledge.

        Also,this ruling was created by Flower.Kindly check this out with any journalistic resources you have or better still with flower himself.Then you will get to know the truth.

        Flower specifically created this rule to irritate KP.Also,when other players like strauss,jimmy not play a series its ok but when KP doesn’t it brings rules and regulations into pictures.I suggest to you dear friend to come out of the ECB leaks created fantasy land and see the broader picture.They have always targetted outsiders like KP,hick,ramprakash,bopara,samit patel,monty and continue to do so.

        However,this is my opinion and is different from yours and each one of us is entitled to our opinions.Cheers !!!

  6. Sumit Uprety says:

    This is insane. A simple way to settle it wud be fist fights. We cud have KP against any of his england team mates and then if he wins, final wud be KP against any ECB official (maybe Giles Clarke).

    If KP wins – he gets wat he wants, if he looses, he will have to let go of IPL and play whatever and whenever ECB wants him to play. ICC could depute neutral umpires for the fist fight contests. And being an Indian – no DRS please.

    • davender says:

      Absolutely perfect solution !!! KP vs Flower i reckon.

      • Davena,

        You are entitled to your opinion, but you also state facts that are wrong..

        You say that English press and ex players don’t appreciate outsiders and players of Asian heritage and that they are victims of English politics.

        You have since said that ECB target outsiders. Just what are you trying to insinuate about the English attitude towards different races, cultures and nationalities?

        You also stated England players pick and choose what tours they play in, Factually incorrect.

        You patronisingly pointed to the West Indies test to back this ‘theory’ up. Factually incorrect.

        You then try and justify your statement by saying Jimmy Anderson was rested from a couple of ODI series, contradicting your own statements. Yes rested, by the selectors. He didn’t rest himself did he?

        You also stated Struass set a precedent missing Bangladesh series. Factually incorrect. He missed that series to rest, not play IPL (you’ll no doubt come back saying Pietersen didn’t say he wanted to play IPL, but you would be wrong as he has done).

        Whether or not the ”one day rule’ was in place when Strauss captained the ODI side, I’m not sure. I asked in my comment ‘And was the rule in place back then anyway?’

        But again, why deal in facts? When you can use your own fiction.

        Whether it was there or not, at the time England needed to act and resolve a captaincy issue. And if the rule was in place back then, are you suggesting that it was brought in as far back as then (2009 was it?) just to discriminate against KP? As you state that ECB/Flower only brought the rule in to discriminate against Pietersen. Again, you explanation is laughable, lame and non existent.

        I also suggest you read my replies more carefully, I’m not actually in the camp that believes the ECB and their press releases. I have actually said they are wrong to leak these stories. But you clearly show on here that facts are irrelevant.

        You come here and state unfounded, clearly incorrect facts, and make outlandish remarks about the attitude of ECB, English media and ex players towards outsiders (your words) and players of Asian heritage and not expect to be challenged, and then as soon as you are challenged to explain them you start your ‘you clearly didn’t see the west indies test dear’ patronising replies, with no substance to back them up.

        You can have the last say Davena, I’m not bothered. Your sort of ‘know it alls’ usually do. The sort who will never admit they are wrong and argue black is blue until the end.

        Anyone can see through your spiel and lame explanations.

  7. davender says:

    Sorry Mr.Betting blog if i have hurt your views of the highly esteemed cricket managers and english media.I am insinuating nothing against english media and ecb but just stating my observations.

    The treatment meted to Samit patel, Montypanesar despite constantly good performances compared to the players selected does leave one suspicious.In fact swann’s general attitude and constant glaring and shouting at samit whenever selected in the team leads me to think so.However,if you think that this is the way proper english people behave towards everyone then i will leave it your wisdom to decipher the truth which obviously hurts you.

    As for the issue of resting why is that whenever strauss,anderson and any other player wants it they get it without any problems but when KP wants it then ECB quotes contract rules ??? I mean strauss plays only 1 format and hardly plays any county cricket and still he wants to skip series to rest and gets it.While the player who has played the most number of games in all formats since his debut doesn’t get it without being called greedy et al.However,if english media and ecb feel that certain players deserve rest whenever they want and others not at all and that is the fair way to deal with it then i am sure its ok.

    As for me making up facts then all i can say is that play all short formats or none contract rule has been included in flowers rule and specifically on his insistence.If you think that is a work of my fiction then feel free to contradict it and i will most graciously accept it i was wrong.

    Lastly,as i have stated above these are my opinions and need not be correct at all.Hence i am not a know it all and btw my name is davender and not davena.I suggest you to have an eyecheck for your benefit.

    Also,there is no reason to be rude in your counter arguments.I would most graciously accept any corrections to my observations.We are all cricket lovers and a good debate is always welcome.

    Cheers ! Have a great day,.

  8. davender says:

    Ha,Ha ! And to prove my outsiders theory right KP has been unceremoniously dropped from the team !!!!!!!!! Thanks ecb for proving me right.

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