cricket pop culture references: the big bang theory “The Transporter Malfunction”

In what is sure to be a short lived new segment on cwb (I mean what the fuck ever happened to player profiles?) here is a new one, where I discuss pop culture cricket references.

I like to watch bad American sit coms while I eat.

For whatever reason good american sit coms don’t help me digest as well, so instead of watching Seinfeld or Arrested development, I watch how I met your mother, friends and the big bang theory.

It should also be pointed out that I don’t watch them ironically.  Sure, some of the laughs are ironic, but I hate it when people say  they watch shit tv just for the irony, no, you do it for the same reason as everyone else, shit tv can be comforting and it requires very little of you other than functioning eyeballs, reasonable hearing and steady breathing.  And I’ve always been obsessed with American sit coms, I’ve even seen several episodes of the turkish version of the nanny.

The other day I was watching the big bang theory and it was an episode where Raj, the nerdy Indian one, was talking to his parents about a potential arranged marriage.

During their conversation the father asks, “why did you call us during the cricket semi finals” straight after a hilarious ‘we thought you were gay’ routine.

Now, I get it, Raj is Indian, his parents are Indian, so a cricket reference here makes sense.

But the phrasing “the cricket semi finals”, seems odd. Raj’s father would have said “why did you call during the India England semi final”, and would never have used the word cricket, as it’s India, and everyone knows what sport he is referring to. To make it more Hollywood, he could have said “why did you call when the cricket’s on, India are playing Sri Lanka in the semi final, and Agit Agarkar has bowled a maiden over”.

That’s not what they went for, instead we get an ordinary line of dialogue that doesn’t truly respect cricket or human speak, and thusly cannot help the game of cricket grow. Look at what the big bang theory has done for flash t shirt sales and weep at what it could have done for cricket.

The actor playing Raj’s Dad is also far better known (to me) as Babu from Seinfeld, the Pakistani restaurateur with fingers as mesmerising as that of Ajantha Mendis.

Perhaps his casting was simply hollywood’s way of bring India and Pakistan together, or suggesting they can’t tell them apart in the first place.

Strangely, this episode is far more known for the fact that it is Leonard Nimoy’s last acting role (at the moment). Few know this about Nimoy, but he was a wily club left arm finger spinner for his local side. And once bowled unchanged for a whole limited overs match before bowling limits filtered into club cricket.

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3 thoughts on “cricket pop culture references: the big bang theory “The Transporter Malfunction”

  1. You should count yourself lucky that you don’t live in North America… it’s a frustrating hellhole when it comes to cricket!

  2. kirbyakasid says:

    Raj’s Dad is Babu?? I really have to watch more of that show. I love Seinfeld.

  3. yenjvoy says:

    OK, I will bite. Nimoy really played Cricket??

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