two attacking captains and an alien/god

When I was young I used to look out my window all night waiting for a UFO to go past, and during the day I would stare at cricket games looking for attacking captaincy.

Michael Clarke sent his batsmen out to slog and then declared giving the opposition a chance of winning.

Darren Sammy changed the batting order and took it upon himself to slog large.

Modern captains don’t really like doing things like this.

Probably because newspapers, websites, twitter, facebook and asshole bloggers abuse them for making mistakes. Being a bit defensive is a couple of day story, losing a Test you could have drawn is a couple of year story.

Or if it’s Adelaide in 2006/07, it’ll never go away.

So when two captains decided to actually try and win a Test, knowing that they might have to risk losing to do so, it was kinda weird.

Michael Clarke didn’t have to play aggressive cricket. He could have sat back and made sure that Australia couldn’t lose the series.

Darren Sammy could have played out the draw. I doubt it would have surprised that many people.

Test Cricket scoring rates went up, then the pitches started to get a bit fun, but teams were still largely conservative.

Sporting declarations had been eased out of the game.

But here we had two captains who were willing to look a bit stupid to win a game.

Clarke didn’t consult his PR team, Sammy didn’t talk about sweet sweet inner thigh honey.

They just threw it out there and had a go.

Their reward was for the game to end in a draw.

Which means if there was a cricket god, he’d be a real fucken prick.

It’s more likely that the cricket god is an alien who has been to Adelaide, and hates it when you shine a torch in their eyes.


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