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There are many stories about Rahul Dravid flying around, most of them about his brilliant batting or down to earth gentleman like personality.  And they are all right, the man is a gentleman superstar.  It was an honour to ever see him bat, and an even more amazing honour to meet him.  But my story is a little different.

Rahul Dravid is the reason my wife and I got married.

Before meeting me, my wife was a cricket-obsessed nerd just like we are, and one day when she was trawling the shit soaked anus of the interweb, she found her way here.

One day I wrote about a torturous innings when Rahul Dravid made 3 ones off a katrillion deliveries at the G while being dropped 48 times.

It was fucking painful to watch someone you admire so much fail in such a prolonged and awkward way.

Anyone who saw that would have thought some billionaire had cloned Dravid’s body and just walked onto the field.

He was essentially a dog that had been run over by a car who was just begging for another car to run him over.

I think Mitchell Johnson was the car that day.

At the end of the day’s play I wrote all about this episode.

“Dravid batted like a man who had just been gelded. It was ugly to watch, and the fact a batsman like that could be given a Bronx cheer for finally getting off the mark is horrible.

If Dravid was my dog, I’d take him out to the country and I’d take a shovel as well.”

I was pissed off he was opening, I was pissed off he was doing it badly, and mostly I was pissed off that I had to see him like this.

I’d always loved Dravid.

Before an Australia India series, Australians would all start talking up Tendulkar, and then VVS Laxman, but Dravid never really did it for them.

They liked a fighter, but he was the other guy to them, the boring one. Even when he was making double hundreds in Adelaide.

So to see him like this just left me cold.

But, it wasn’t the first time Dravid had dragged his carcass around the crease like this.

And at one of the other times in the UK, my future wife had been there, and lived the same sort of horror I had. You know the horror, that it’s funny, but you wish it wasn’t happening to Dravid.

Seeing my words about Dravid meant she wrote a comment, and we bonded over seeing Dravid at his worst.

Later on we’d get married and she’d slip a ring on my left hand, which is very similar to my right hand that years later shook Dravid’s right hand.

Our wedding was at the Oval, the place of Rahul Dravid’s last overseas Test century.

At the reception the tables were named after cricket grounds.  One was the MCG, and we used this photo.

Yes, that’s Rahul Dravid just a couple of days before he would set into motion a series of events that would lead my wife and I to marry.

So, when I say “thanks, Rahul”, I fucken mean it.

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13 thoughts on “thanking dravid

  1. Krishna Murali says:

    Ha! Nice piece and thank god, a bit different than the rest for obvious reasons! I agree that it was painful sometimes to watch Dravid like that day at the MCG or at other times when he was not in nick. But the big difference between him and the other Indian galacticos was that he stayed and tried to fight as much as possible even when it horrendous nick while the others tended to throw their wickets away and didn’t have as much stomach to stay and fight. While Dravid in this form was horrible to watch at times, glad he did what he did. At least one good thing came out of that – you met your wife!! If Sehwag had cut it to point or Sachin was out driving or VVS pulled a long hop to mid wicket, you probably wouldn’t be married!!

  2. Rahul says:

    love the article eden; though was the last century!!!!

  3. Varun says:

    Jarrod, the creation of the web was to show your mettle in blogging. Not giving a shit about the formal rules, you keep rocking you utopian blogger!

  4. JK, I hate you because I envy you. But I have to say I was having a Blogger’s block (whatever that is) because I couldn’t write about Jammie leaving. But this piece just gave me an idea. So thanks man!

  5. tracer007 says:

    Reblogged this on Like a Tracer Bullet and commented:
    While not helping India to historic victories, Dravid helps bring people together in matrimony as well….

  6. Asim says:

    Well I have a different story. Me and my gf fight over him. She hates him and I adore him.

  7. Since this piece gave me the inspiration, thought I should share a link

  8. Ganavk says:

    You have already given the greatest tribute to Dravid in your profile where you mentioned that ‘Dravid’s fprward defense is the sole reason for world peace’ :)

  9. Brad Hodge says:

    I always thought I was responsible for bringing love to many, many people

  10. love the article………..cheers

  11. Charlie Schembri says:

    by Charlie Schembri (View MyPage) on Mar 13, 2012 09:13 PM | Hide replies

    Sehwag is Injured..Will You open?

    We need to play 7 batsman..Will you k…eep wickets?
    … Yes!

    We cannot paly seaming balls in England..Will you make a comeback in ODI’s
    ..Yes! …

    We need a stop-gap captain..Will you captain the side?

    We need to get in some overs quickly..Will You Bowl

    Dhoni needs to bowl..Will you keep again?
    … Yes!

    One of the seniors needs to retire.. Will you retire first ?
    … YES !

    And You call Mike Hussey as Mr. Cricket ?
    Salute to the man who has served Indian Cricket in every possible way!! By far India’s best test Cricketer! Defended the Indian Fall..The Wall…

    Dravid the Great!!!

  12. mister dasgupta says:

    overrated dullard. he weren’t no kambli

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