Ravi and Chappelli stuck in a lift: a CWB amateur theatre production

RS: Chappelli, it’s stuck my friend, jammed in tight, we’re going nowhere right now.


IC: I know, Ravi, but Australians don’t give up, if Les Favell taught me anything it’s to fight until the very end.


RS: It seems that the machine doesn’t always work in Australia after all.


IC: You know full well that it’s not about the machine, it’s about the individual people, and that’s what makes Australia great.


RS: Yet here we are, stuck in the elevator, and we may go down without all guns blazing.


IC: I have the utmost respect for Australian engineers to get the job done right, as long as the powers that be just let them get on with doing that job.


RS: Make no mistake about it; I hope you’re right.  If this were an Indian elevator getting stuck, you’d be claiming we were in third world conditions.


IC: India has changed a lot these days, Ravi.


RS: It’s just what the doctor ordered, but your old imperial chums don’t always see that.


IC: I have no chums.


RS: You hit the nail on the head there.


IC: Let’s just calm down a bit now, I’ve rung upstairs for assistance.


RS: One just gets the feeling that we may not be able to trust technology in all cases.


IC: Who paid you to say that?


RS: That sets the cat amongst the pigeons.


IC: Look, we need to get together, work hard, and achieve something here.


RS: We’re at a crucial stage; it’s touch and go.


IC: Holy shit, mate, I think the cable is breaking, we’re fucken screwed.


RS: Tracer bullet.


RS: Tracer bullet.


IC: Fuck.


RS: At the end of the day…

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9 thoughts on “Ravi and Chappelli stuck in a lift: a CWB amateur theatre production

  1. tracer007 says:

    Hahaha…It is most likely that those will be Ravi Shastri’s last words in reality as well!

  2. lol ROTFL. Jarrod. F-ing awesome man.

  3. The good thing was that he went through with the shot.

  4. Ramki says:

    ‘More often than not’ you got the RS lines right. ‘Spot on’

    Good one!

  5. The atmosphere in that elevator was electric.

  6. When I was a lift, we didn’t have time to waste like this. We just got on with it and got the job done. There was time to hang motionless in the dressing room or in the bar after the game.

  7. Apurv says:

    hahaha.. this is effin’ legendary!

  8. Poor Man's Hussey says:

    Actually makes you like Chappelli…

  9. BJ says:

    Was anyone else reading this with their accents! Gold. You sure know your Ravi cliches.

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